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How To Easily Clean Car Windows

We look at 5 of the best ways to clean car windows so you’re not left with any horrible streaks. Tint or no tint, these steps will leave your windows sparkling.

Not only do you want clean car windows to help your vehicle look its best, but clear auto glass is needed for optimal visibility. Even if you don’t know completely how to detail a car, you can learn how to clean car windows.

We review the best methods to ensure you understand how to clean a car window without leaving streaks.

As you learn how to clean a car window inside, you might face streaks that cause you to get frustrated. Understanding where these streaks come from can help you fix the problem. Here are the most common reasons that streaks happen on auto glass.

  • Using dirty rags to clean windows
  • Washing the windows in the hot sun
How To Clean Car Windows

What to Use When Cleaning Car Windows?

If you want to know how to clean your car windows streak free, you will need to start with the best supplies. Here are a few items you should have on hand before you get started.

  • Automotive Glass Cleaner (or window cleaner of your choice): 
    Make sure it is recommended for use on auto glass.
  • Cloth (Microfiber towels): 
    Use clean, soft cloths on your auto glass, or you could scratch it.
  • Bucket: 
    Keep a bucket handy for rinsing out rags.
  • Distilled Water:
    This water is essential for creating your own solution.
  • Sponge: 
    Use a clean sponge to wash the car windows.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: 
    You can use this to make your own solution.
  • White Vinegar: 
    This is a great substance if you want to make your own cleaning solution.
  • Spray Bottle: 
    Pour the solution you create into a spray bottle for simple application.
How To Clean Car Windows

How To Make a DIY Window Cleaning Solution

To learn how to clean inside car windows without streaks, consider making your own cleaner. Start with distilled water, but there are two different formulas you can use.

  • 50% distilled water + 50% alcohol and a capful of white vinegar
  • 70% distilled water + 15% alcohol and 15% window cleaner

Experiment with both solutions to see which one works best for you.

5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Car Windows

How To Clean Interior Car Windows

To learn how to clean interior windows of a car, you want to follow these simple steps.

  1. 1
    Work out of direct sunlight.
  2. 2
    Spray your cleaner on your microfiber cloth.
  3. 3
    Roll down the windows halfway and clean the top portion first.
  4. 4
    Put the window up and finish cleaning.

When you figure out how to clean inside windows in a car, you realize how important it is to take your time. Work on tough spots and keep rubbing until the streaks or spots are gone.

Cleaning Front and Rear Car Windows

If you want to know how to clean the inside front car window, start by moving into the passenger seat. From this position, you won’t have to wrestle with the steering wheel. As with learning how to clean a rear car window, you want to use the back of your hand for additional leverage and more cleaning power. It will also help you reach the corners with ease.

How To Clean Tinted Car Windows

Learning how to clean inside car windows that have tint installed will be a little more difficult. Many products are not suitable for use with tint, so you need to read every label carefully. We recommend using a mixture of warm water and dish soap combined with a soft microfiber cloth for the best results.

How To Clean Stickers Off Car Windows

If you want to learn how to deep clean car windows with stickers on them, consider using an auto glass cleaner and a razor blade. Rubbing alcohol can also help remove the sticker. If those don’t work, consider applying Goo Gone instead. This adhesive remover is great for anything sticky that might be on the auto glass.

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Cleaning Water Spots or Hard Water Stains

To learn how to clean car windows water spots, we recommend using a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. If the spots are stubborn, you can press the towel on the area for a few seconds to let the acid work. This is also the best method if you need to know how to clean hard water stains from car windows.

How To Clean Car Window Water Spots

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you clean inside car windows with a magic eraser?

You can learn how to clean inside car windows with a magic eraser as long as you don’t push too hard. Plus, you don’t want to use this method with tinted windows.

Can you use vinegar to clean car windows?

If you want to know how to clean car windows with vinegar, you might opt to mix it with a little distilled water and put it in a spray bottle. You might also wonder about the difference between vinegar and ammonia for car windows. While ammonia might be used in household cleaners, it should never be used on auto glass because it causes streaks and can create harmful fumes

Is baking soda good for cleaning windows?

Baking soda isn’t just good for cleaning battery corrosion, but also when you want to know how to get car windows super clean. Dilute the baking soda in distilled water for the best results.

What do professional glass cleaners use?

If you want to know how to clean car windows without streaks like the professionals do, consider buying some of the best automotive glass cleaners from top brands, such as Chemical Guys, Meguiar’s, and Armor All. Some of these companies also make products to clean headlights for superior visibility at night.


We have shown you how to clean interior car windows without streaks. Now it’s time for you to get your vehicle looking its best. Follow our tips and clear those windows for a crystal clear view.