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How To Tint Car Windows

Learning how to tint car windows doesn’t have to be difficult. Gather your materials and prepare to change the appearance of your car in just a few hours.

After you get a new vehicle, you want to know how to tint car windows, not just for the stylish appeal but also to reduce UV rays.

Our guide will discuss your top questions, such as how to tint car windows yourself and how much is it to tint your car windows?

Blocks UV Rays & Sunlight

As you ponder how much is the cost to tint car windows, you want to know that the investment is worth it. When you consider that car tint can block up to 99% of UV rays, you see the immediate benefit to your skin. Plus, blocking some of that sunlight can also help you keep the interior cool, instead of fighting with the air conditioning in the summer.

Provides security and privacy

Curious people won’t be able to see everything that’s inside your car anymore. This is one great way to deter thieves from breaking in. Of course, you can only tint the windows as dark as local tinting laws will allow.

Protects glass from shattering

If an object hits your auto glass, the window tint adds another film to it that might prevent it from shattering. If a car accident occurs, your passengers could be further protected from glass shards and debris.

Protects car upholstery from fading

After you invest money into your vehicle, you want to do everything possible to keep it in good condition. However, the sun's rays cause vehicle upholstery to fade over time. With the right window tint installed, you can prevent these rays from wearing out your interior and protect your car's resale value.

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Signs That Window Tint Should be Replaced

Once you know how to put tint on car windows, you want to determine if your old tint is ready to come off. Some signs indicate that it might be time to invest in some new tint film.

First, look for visible air bubbles and bulges in the tint. This occurs over time and can be unsightly. Plus, there might be fading or a purple hue to the tint, indicating it is old.

If the tint has begun peeling or curling, you want to learn how to remove tint from car windows. Of course, the tint doesn’t have to be old to remove it. You also want to investigate how to take tint off car windows if you have put scratches or other visible marks in the film that hinder its effectiveness.

How to Remove the Car’s Window Tint: DIY Easy Steps

Cut the film open in one corner of the window

If you want to know how to remove old tint from car windows, you must start with a razor blade. Put a small cut in the film at one corner. Just don’t press in too deep and work carefully.

Take hold of the film and start peeling it off

The second step when learning how to get tint off car windows involves simply peeling the tint away from the window. Start with the same corner you just made the cut in and begin peeling. If you work slowly, you might get the entire sheet at once.

Spray soapy mixture onto the window

Mix dishwashing soap and water in a spray bottle. Spray it on any areas where there was tint. You can leave it to sit for a minute, but don't let it make its way into the door panels where electronics could be destroyed.

Scrape off all adhesive residue

With your razor blade, scrape off any remaining residue. You won’t scratch the auto glass surface as long as you are careful. It also helps to keep the surface wet with your soapy mixture. Spray as much as you need to get the job done.

Do a final cleaning of the windows

Once all the residue is removed, you are ready for the final step. To keep things looking top-notch, clean your windows completely once the tint is removed. You can use a glass cleaner and paper towels for a crystal clear finish.

Things Needed to Install a New Window Car Tint

  • Razor Blade 
    With a sharp razor blade, you can remove debris from the surface of your auto glass. Use a new razor blade for the best results.
  • Utility Knife 
    A sharp knife allows you to make clean cuts in the film. As you examine how much to tint car windows, you don’t want to waste any film due to bad cuts.
  • Squeegee
    Use your squeegee to remove any excess water from the glass or clean off the surface. You want to pick one that fits your car windows.
  • Hard Card 
    If you don’t have a squeegee, you could also use a hard card, such as one in your wallet. It also helps to reach into tight spots that the squeegee can’t get into.
  • Spray Bottle 
    You can use a cheap spray bottle to make your soapy solution. By applying liquid to the film, you ensure there aren’t any tears while applying.
  • Soapy Water 
    Use simple dishwashing detergent in water to create the soapy solution you need. Once the tinting is done, you will find other uses for the solution, such as cleaning counters.
  • Microfiber cloth 
    A high-quality automotive microfiber cloth is created for drying the windows, but you can use paper towels too.
  • Duct Tape 
    Sometimes when you are tinting car windows, the felt liner gets in your way. When this happens, apply a little duct tape to hold the felt out of the way.
  • Heat Gun 
    Use a heat gun when applying tint to curved spots. It’s also helpful when you want to smooth out the surface of the film. If you are doing a basic tint job, you might not need a heat gun

How to Install a New Window Car Tint - Step by Step Guide

Clean the windows properly before tinting

Before you learn how to tint your car windows, you must first clean them. Use your microfiber cloth or paper towels and wipe down the windows. Make sure there are no stains or debris left on the surface. If you use a window cleaner, make sure it gets completely removed before continuing.

Wet the window and roll the film into it

Your next step as you learn how to install car window tint is to wet down the outside of the window and adhere the tint to it. You will want to roll the tint to the window with the liner facing outward. Make sure it is securely in place before moving onto the next step.

Cut the film in the shape of the window

How much is it to tint car windows? A lot less if you figure out this step and don’t waste tint film. Carefully cut the outline of the film exactly to the shape of the window you are working on. Cut it ¼” from the gasket and window borders. While you aren’t going to apply this film to the outside of the window, you want to squeegee out any bunchy areas for a perfect fit in the end.

Peel off the liner and apply tint into the window

Remove the film from the outside of the window and take the liner off. Spray the interior car window with your solution and apply the spray to your tint film too. You want to put it on the sticky surface. Carefully place the window tint on your car window. Use your scraper blade to adhere the tint.

Squeeze and remove bubbles from the inside window tint

Remove any streaks and bubbles with your squeegee. The tint should fit perfectly because of the steps you’ve already completed. If there are any deformities, feel free to use your heat gun and squeegee to get that perfect finish. Allow the window tint to cure for seven days before doing anything with the glass. The air temperature should be between 40 and 98°F.

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long does it take to install tint on a car?

Considering it only takes about two hours to tint your typical sedan, this is a project you could easily accomplish yourself. If you’ve wondered - how much does it cost to get car windows tinted, you will find the price is much lower when you take the professional service out of the equation.

How much does it cost to get car windows tinted?

There’s no quick answer to how much does it cost to tint your car windows? Determining how much to get car windows tinted requires you to look at how many windows your car has and what type of tint you are going to use. If you search how much to tint my car windows, you will see the average is somewhere between $100 and $900 through professional services. However, if the answer to how much it costs to tint car windows scares you, it might be better to do it yourself. Then, you only have to pay for the supplies.

How long do tinted windows last?

If you use high-quality tint and perform the job correctly, your tint job could last up to ten years.

What happens if you accidentally roll your windows down after tinting?

Roll your windows back up and check the job. Make sure there are no bubbles or defects you need to fix. Most of the time, the tint should be okay.

Can I wash my car after tint?

No water should be getting inside your car, so there’s no reason to wait to visit the car wash. However, it’s important that you learn how to clean tinted car windows. Just use a mild cleaning agent or plain water. Don’t ever apply ammonia-based products.

Does tint get darker after a few days?

The tint does appear darker after it settles, even though the shade doesn’t actually change. It’s just a matter of perception.

Can you put a tint over a tint?

You can apply aftermarket tint over your factory tint, but don't ever attempt to apply aftermarket tint on top of other aftermarket tints.


Learning how to tint car windows doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you use our handy guide. Gather your materials and prepare to change the appearance of your car in just a few hours.