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Will Shocks Lift My Truck?

In this guide, we answer if shocks will lift your truck and what are the cheapest ways to do so.

If you are preparing to lift your truck, you know the endeavor can become expensive. You might wonder, will shocks lift my truck and help me save money?  

In this article, we discuss whether shocks for lifted trucks can give you that boost you are hoping for.  

Lifting your truck might be all about changing the style, but there are other reasons to consider shocks that lift your truck. With the right setup, you can add more clearance and install beefier tires.

If you plan to go off-roading, the best shocks for lifted trucks can help with the approach, breakover, and departure angles. Your lifted suspension can help all four tires remain on the ground for superior traction. 

Additionally, visibility can be better with performance shocks for lifted trucks. You will be able to see clearly on the road and around other vehicles. Finally, you might be able to tow and haul with ease, ensuring there is no more bottoming out with the load.  

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Will Shocks Lift My Truck? (Detailed Explanation)

Will new shocks lift my truck? Your standard set of shocks will not lift your vehicle. However, high-pressure nitrogen shocks may be able to provide about half an inch of height boost, but this isn’t the reason to use them. Instead, it’s simply meant as an after-effect of what happens. 

Sadly, if you search online “will new shocks lift my truck,” you are going to find a lot of false information. If you want to raise your truck’s ground clearance, the frame must be elevated. That’s where the truck lift kit comes in 

While the shocks are part of the suspension, there are other components that must be replaced when adding a suspension lift kit. You will also want spacers, springs, and new control arms if you are looking for a big height increase.  

However, it’s still important to install good shocks for lifted trucks to create the best driving experience possible.  

Air Shocks & Shock Extenders: Can They Provide Lift For My Truck?

Will air shocks lift my truck or will shock extenders lift my truck? In general, air shocks are considered an adjustable type. With adjustable shocks for lifted trucks, you can expect a little additional ride height, but it’s compared more to what a leveling kit would provide to your pickup. However, relying on air shocks for trucks with a lift can create a stiffer ride.  

On the other hand, shock extenders can also provide a small height increase. Because you are changing the height of the suspension, you can expect some of that to overflow into the overall height of your truck.  

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Other Ways To Lift Your Truck For Less 

Torsion Keys

With aftermarket torsion keys, you may be able to add about an inch to your truck, as long as it has a torsion bar suspension. You can add a torsion key lift by tuning the existing adjusters on the truck or by replacing the stock keys with a set that specifically increases height.  

Leveling Kits 

Leveling kits are much easier to install than most suspension lifts. With spacers, you can increase the front of the vehicle so it becomes level with the rear. In total, you can expect to gain between one to three inches of height, depending on your truck and the kit you choose.  

Body Kits 

With a body lift, you can also raise the truck body without spending a lot of money. While you might be able to add about three inches to the truck’s body height, this option doesn’t lift the suspension. Therefore, you won’t gain more truck clearance. However, this kit costs a fraction of the suspension lift.  

Premium Lift System 

With a premium lift system, you not only add a leveling kit to even out the truck from front to back, but you also combine it with a body lift. In total, you could gain up to six inches from your truck. However, this is the most expensive of the four options we outlined.  

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is the cheapest way to lift a truck? 

Can shocks lift a truck? Not really, but there are other cheap ways to gain some height. Consider adding torsion keys, installing a leveling kit, or putting a body kit on your truck to save some money.  

Do lift kits ruin your truck? 

The lift kit itself will not hurt your truck. However, if you don’t add the right suspension components, you could cause more wear to the system. That’s why it’s important to find the best shocks for trucks with lift kits. 

Does lifting increase the value of a truck? 

Lifting the truck will not increase the value. It might even decrease it if the lift wasn’t performed properly. However, adding the best riding shocks for a lifted truck could help you gain some value back, especially if they are considered high-performance.  

Why are lifted trucks higher in the back? 

Sometimes the lift kit didn’t account for the difference in height between the front and the back. This is one reason why some people prefer to use a lift and leveling kit together.  

What are the best brands of shocks for providing lift? 

Will Rancho shocks lift my truck? No, but the company is considered one of the best on the market, along with Bilstein. If you care about creating a high-performance suspension, choose one of these high-end brands over the Monroe shocks for lifted trucks. 


Can shocks lift your truck? It’s possible that you might gain a little bit of height from the right set of shocks, but this isn’t the intention. Instead, focus on getting the proper lift performed and then add the best shocks and struts for lifted trucks to complete the performance.