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Why Does My Clutch Pedal Squeak

Car and Driver says there are only 28 new manual transmission cars, so you might have trouble finding information when you have problems. For example, you might be asking – why does my clutch pedal squeak, but could be having trouble getting answers. We tell you why the clutch is squeaking when pressed and show you how to fix it. 


Why is my clutch squeaking? In most cases, it’s just because it is old. Consider how many times you push that pedal all the way in and release it. As the clutch ages, it is going to naturally start squeaking, indicating that it is time for a replacement.  


What does it mean when your clutch squeaks? There's nothing clean about the car. It gets oily, greasy, and dirty. Over time, if this oil and dirt build-up on the pedal, it can start to stick. In the process, it also gets squeaky as a result of the grime.  


Why is my clutch pedal squeaking? If the contaminants get into the clutch disc or on the pressure plate, they can begin to squeak any time it is pushed or released. These essential components are found within the transmission, and they must be kept in good condition to ensure a smooth operation.  

Faulty Throw-Out bearing 

My clutch squeaks when I release it. If that's what you find, it could be due to a defective throw-out bearing. This vital part contacts the pressure plate when you disengage the clutch. It is found in the transmission, and it can cause a lot of trouble when it starts to fail.  


Why does my clutch squeak when depressed? As you use the clutch, parts can begin shifting. As the parts rub together, they can start to squeak and make noise. Sometimes, the part to blame is the clutch fork, which is a lever that gets pushed into the gearbox. However, there are times when an adjustment is all that's needed.  

Why Does My Clutch Pedal Squeak

How To Fix A Squeaking Clutch Pedal? (The Easy Way) 

If you notice a squeak when pressing the clutch, you have several options. When the clutch is squeaking, you want to first figure out what the cause is. From here, you can choose one of these methods to repair it. 

Lubricate It 

With some WD-40, you can lubricate the clutch’s pivot points to keep it moving smoothly. You could also use white lithium grease if you prefer. Just keep it away from anything rubber as it can wear it down.  

Clean It 

If the car clutch is squeaking, you might just need to clean some of the components. Look for any dirt or contamination and clean it off. If there is internal damage, you might not be able to clean it off yourself. 

Replace It 

There are several parts you might need to replace if the clutch pedal squeaks when pressed. You might need a new throw-out bearing, which moves the pressure plate when the pedal is depressed. The average replacement cost is $25 to $200 for the part. There’s also the chance that you need a new pilot bearing. It supports the transmission input shaft and could cost a similar amount. You might be able to do these repairs yourself if you follow the guidelines in the service manual.  

Leave It Alone 

Why does my clutch squeak when released? If you have checked the system and there’s nothing wrong, you could leave it alone. If it doesn’t annoy you, there’s no reason to do anything about it. For now, it could just be the result of friction.  

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Popular Car Models and Squeaking Clutches 

There are some popular models that deal with the clutch slave cylinder squeaking. If you are dealing with a 2017 Tacoma clutch pedal squeak or a 2014 Tacoma clutch squeak, you might need to lubricate it. With a Subaru clutch squeak or 2018 WRX clutch pedal squeak, there’s a chance that the internal parts have failed.  

With an FRS clutch squeak or Honda Civic clutch pedal squeak, cleaning might fix the problem. Otherwise, there’s always the chance that you need to deal with clutch repair if something major has failed. However, if you can’t find any mechanical problem, you could always choose to deal with the squeaking if it isn’t too disruptive to your drive.  

Frequently Asked Squeaky Clutch Questions 

Can you drive with a squeaky clutch? 

If there is nothing wrong, you can drive with a squeaky clutch. However, if there are mechanical issues, driving with a worn clutch could cause further damage. You could end up stranded if the clutch fails. 

How far can you run a car with a squeaky clutch? 

There's no way of knowing how long the clutch will continue to run once it starts squeaking without knowing what the cause is. So get the clutch checked out to determine how soon it needs to be fixed.  

How long will a noisy clutch release bearing last? 

There's no way of knowing. It could fail just ten minutes after the clutch starts squeaking, or it could last several years. It's important to respond to the problem promptly if you don't want to be stranded.  

Where do you lubricate a clutch pedal? 

You can use WD-40 or lithium grease to grease up the clutch pedal under the dash or at the clutch fork by the transmission. Just be careful not to get any of the lubricants on the rubber pieces as it can wear the material away.  

How much will a new clutch pedal cost? 

Replacing the car’s clutch pedal may not cost much, and you could do it yourself. In comparison, the cost to replace a clutch is much higher, on average $1,000 to $1,500.  


My clutch squeaks when I press it down. With a little diagnostic examination, you can figure out why a new clutch is squeaking or why the squeaking noise stops when the clutch is pressed. If you catch the problem early enough, you might be able to repair it without any major repairs.