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Who Buys Used Car Batteries?

When you recycle your old batteries, they get sold to other companies so they are recycled correctly. We take a look at who buys used car batteries near you.

Once your automotive battery dies, you want to know what to do with it. You might go online and search who buys used car batteries near me. To help you make a profit, we will show you how to find places that buy used car batteries near me and where you can buy used car batteries in bulk.

Why would anyone want to buy used car batteries? For starters, the chemicals in an old battery aren’t safe for the environment. It is critical that they get disposed of properly.

When you recycle your old batteries, they get sold to other companies that ensure they are recycled correctly. Instead of giving up the battery for free, you can get a slice of the pie by finding someone to sell it to.

Who Buys Used Car Batteries Near Me

Who Buys Used Car Batteries? (Finding Shops Near You)

1. Physical Locations 

  • Auto Parts/Repair Store Near You 
    If you are planning to purchase a new car battery, the auto parts store will provide you with a core fee for the old battery. This amount ranges from $5 to $10 usually, depending on what state you live in.
  • Scrap Yards Near You 
    Scrap yards will pay for the lead. So, if your local scrap yard is offering 33¢ per pound of lead and your battery contains about 12 pounds, you might get around $7 for the battery. Usually, there are multiple scrap yards in a region, allowing you to call around for the best price.
  • Pawn Shops Near You 
    If you live in a city, there should also be numerous pawnshops around you. However, you might not get as much money for them because the pawn owner operates as a middle man. Still, this is a good option if you aren't sure where else to take the battery.
  • Newspaper Ads 
    If all else fails, consider taking out an ad with your local newspaper. You might also find classified ads from people looking for used car batteries.

2. Online Websites 

  • Craigslist 
    Craigslist operates the same way as a newspaper, except everything is done online. You can take out a classified ad for free or answer someone else’s post. Search the term “battery” within so many miles of your home zip code to see what’s being offered.
  • eBay 
    It’s true that you can sell just about anything on eBay. There’s a seller and buyer for every item under the sun, including used car batteries. However, you will want to find a local buyer to make it worth your time.
  • Google And Yellow Pages 
    Online shopping is becoming the norm. If you want to sell anything, including used car batteries, posting it to Google and the online Yellow Pages can help.
  • IScrap App 
    If you use the iScrap App, you get access to metal recycling prices in your area. This app will also connect you with local yards, including the contact details and the metal prices you can expect.
  • Facebook Marketplace 
    If you are already on Facebook, you might as well take advantage of the Marketplace, which connects you with local buyers. It operates much like Craigslist, where you post the item and answer questions from prospective buyers. You might even be able to connect with a local yard that is looking for batteries.
  • Pull-A-Part 
    If you plan on selling the entire car with the battery, you might want to look at Pull-A-Part. The platform makes it simple to get a quote for your junk car and even handles the towing for you.
  • Peddle
    Peddle works like Pull-A-Part, offering to purchase your entire car, including the battery. Simply put the car model and make on the website and get a quote. Once the car is towed, you get paid.
Who Buys Used Car Batteries

How Much Money Could I Earn?

The money that you can make depends on where you sell the battery. Here are a few estimates you can expect.

Place to Sell

Price Range

Auto Parts Store


Scrap Yard


Pawn Shop


Online Classifieds


Facebook Marketplace


Pull-A-Part or Peddle

Cost of the entire car

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to struggle over where to sell the battery, as you are going to make about the same amount no matter where you turn. Instead, choose the option that is easiest for you.      

Can I Put an Old Battery in My Car?

If money is tight, but you need a new battery, consider purchasing a pre-owned model instead. You can look at how to buy a used car battery near me, but that might not give you the answers you need. Instead, consider these factors before you look at where can I buy a used car battery?

Battery Age

It’s important to look at that date stamp on the battery. Reading battery age requires you to navigate the letter format. You don’t want to buy a battery more than a few years old.

Lookout For Corrosion

Battery corrosion is a sign that the battery is old and worn out. A newer car battery might have debris, dust or dirt on it, but you shouldn’t see any signs of corrosion.


You should always find out what type of warranty the battery has. If you are purchasing the battery from a used car parts location, it’s likely that you will also get some type of guarantee.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long should a battery last?

Under normal conditions, a car battery should last three to five years. However, if you are using the battery in extreme temperatures or you don’t keep it properly charged, it could fail prematurely.

Who buys used car batteries in bulk?

Whether you need to sell or you are trying to find out where to buy used car batteries, you can find a number of online retailers that operate in bulk battery sales.

Does Walmart buy used car batteries?

When you purchase a new car battery at Walmart, you are going to be charged a core fee. However, when you bring the old battery core back in, you can get this money back. Typically, the core fee is between $5 and $10, depending on your state.

Does Napa pay for old batteries?

NAPA Auto Parts will take your old batteries and pay you the core fee on them. Sometimes, this is between $5 and $10, depending on what state you are located in.

Does Interstate battery pay for old batteries?

Interstate Batteries will buy all lead-acid scraps, either by purchasing a single battery or by the pound. The company will take batteries of all types, including those backup UPS batteries.

Does AutoZone give you money for old batteries?

If you are purchasing a new car battery, AutoZone will give you back the core fee when you bring in the old battery. However, you can also take your old battery to AutoZone without buying a new battery. They will offer you a $10 merchandise card in exchange for the battery recycling.


If you need to know where can I buy a cheap used car battery or how to sell your battery, we recommend checking out some of the solutions we outlined. There are resources available to you, no matter where you live. Who knows, you might just end up with a few extra bucks in your pocket.