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Best Oil Drain Pans With Pumps Reviewed

We have reviewed and compared the best oil drain pans with a pump on the market. These are the top-rated brands and products for your automotive needs.

An oil drain pan is a significant tool to use in both a home garage, and also in a professional shop. For those who have never had a waste oil drain pan with an attached pump, but rather just let engine oil drain into a bucket by gravity, they may not see an immediate need for one. But when it’s time to change your vehicle’s oil, you’ll be glad you have one.

What Is An Oil Drain Pan With An Attached Pump?

A waste oil drain pan is the device that is used to collect fluid from underneath vehicles, including big trucks and tractors, all without having to use a jack. When you add a pump to an oil drain pan, it means you can force the collected liquid from the vehicle you were working on out of the device and into a collection point. This makes it is easier and cleaner to drain said liquid from your oil drain pan.

Benefits of Using an Oil Pan with a Pump

Using an oil pan with a pump is much easier than using one without it. You save time by using an oil pan with a pump because the pump means you don't have to rely on gravity to drain your vehicle. It also saves mess, because some oil pans mean a big mess on your garage or workshop floor, which must be cleaned up.

Choosing a Quality Oil Drain Pan with An Attached Pump

Vehicle maintenance and upkeep in this department doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. However, you don’t want to compromise performance quality just to save a buck now, because you might end up paying more later. If you’re looking for the best product on the market, you need to start with becoming totally familiar with it, so you are aware of what to look out for. Here are some features that indicate the quality of the waste oil pan you should be looking for:


When choosing the best quality oil drain pans, it's a good idea to look for something heavier rather than a lightweight piece of equipment. If a product is lightweight, then it will be easier to move around, which in some cases is an advantage. But often, oil pans with pumps have wheels to make them easier to move, so buying a heavier weight pan means it will be more durable. Since you should have an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or about every six months, it's something that is going to continuously be useful.

You don’t want to be stuck with some flimsy product that will hardly last your first oil change – you need something that is durable and heavy duty enough to withstand a little knocking around throughout its use. A good way to determine the durability is by looking at the material it is made from; a heavier product will most likely last longer and be thicker, however it will be less portable due to the weight.

Size & Oil Drip Diameter

When considering an oil drain pan with a pump, you need to consider the size of your car in relation to the depth of the pan. Basically, is it going to fit under your vehicle? If you have a Ferrari, then you might need to just leave it up to a professional! They will have a low-profile oil drain pan with a pump for just that purpose.

The best way to see if an oil drain pan with a pump will fit under your car is to measure the gap between the lowest part of your car and the ground. Then you will easily be able to tell if the oil drain pan will slide neatly underneath. You will be able to gauge where the oil drains from and get the pan adjusted just right.

The size of a waste oil drain pan is important to consider when selecting your next product. The design needs to be large enough to hold the anti-freeze or oil that flows out of your engine during the change, which can vary from car to car.

Make sure that the pan size is large enough to hold at least one or two changes before filling up completely, but keep in mind that the ones that hold many changes will be significantly heavier over time.The height of the product should also be factored in, because you need to make sure that it is able to fit beneath the vehicle.

For those who are individuals looking to only service a single car or two that belong to their household this becomes a matter of simply finding out both of these measurements, but for those who need one for their professional garage they need something that can accommodate a wide range of cars.

Oil Capacity and Built-in Storage

When you are draining your oil, you will need to keep it stored. Because of this, you will need to know how much storage your pan will have. Different cars require different amounts of oil for the engine to run properly, so you must be aware of the oil capacity of your car. Check here for more information on your vehicle's oil capacity.

 How to Find Engine Oil Capacities (

Once you know the maximum amount of oil that your car contains, then you need to look at the amount of oil your built-in storage can carry. It is best if you get an oil drain pan with pump that can accommodate more than one oil change, but if you live close to a place where you can dispose of the oil efficiently, then it is less important.

Leak Prevention

The last thing you want your oil drain pan with pump to do is leak. Leaked oil needs to be cleaned up and it is a thankless task. Save yourself the bother and make sure your oil drain pan is lockable. Familiarize yourself with the lock before you start draining the oil – the last thing you want is to be fiddling with it when it’s full of oil.

This feature, along with any others beneficial for this process, is definitely important to consider for your future purchase. Leak prevention features are crucial to your productivity, as even a small spill can hold you up significantly. Not only is it difficult to clean up, and will cause stains, but when spilt on a smooth surface can pose a safety hazard.

Ease of Use

We want things to be easy to use. When it's easy to use, we can be more confident doing the job at hand. Things that make your oil drain pan easy to use are handles for carrying and a spout for pouring. Carrying oil can be heavy and cumbersome, so make sure your pan has them. Yes, you can try being a hero and not using them, but they make life easier, so why not enjoy it?

When you have a spout for pouring the oil out, you know exactly where that stuff is going, and it isn’t going to spill. Less cleaning up, less fuss and bother.

Even if you have been doing this for years and have built up all the required strength for the job, the weight of fluids should not be underestimated and can lead to serious self-injury if you aren’t careful. A waste oil pan with handles can make your life immensely easier, so look for an option that seems comfortable to hold.

Price & Warranty

Price is always going to be a consideration when you are thinking about buying an oil drain pan with pump. If you are only draining one or two cars a couple of times a year at home, then you won’t want to pay as much as a mechanic who will need to use their oil drain pan several times a day. Few drain pans with pump come with a warranty. In general, the longer the warranty, the better protected you are.

7 Best Oil Drain Pans with Pumps Reviewed

1. Goplus Portable

Our #1 Choice









The first entry in our list is the Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan. The Goplus is an 17-gallon Polypropylene pan, so it has the capacity to handle more than a single oil change before emptying. That is a nice feature if you are using it in something other than a home garage.

The Goplus has four 4″ spinning castor wheels and a 29″ folding t-shaped handle, so you can easily position it right where you need it. And the polypropylene is impact resistant, meaning it will hold up to frequent use around the shop.

Like the other units in our review the Goplus features a hand-crank pump attached to an 8′ hose to make draining waste oil easy and mess-free. But several online reviewers mentioned problems with the pump, which is why it fell down to the low end of our list. But given that the Goplus is priced significantly less than the other pans in our lineup, it might be the perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

2. Lincoln 3669

Best Electric Oil Drain Pan with Pump




17 Gallons


21.8 lbs.



The Lincoln 3669 drain is the best electric oil drain pan with pump. It is 60 x 28 x 7.5 inches, and it weighs 21.8 lbs. At 7.5 inches it will fit under most cars. The castors are swivel-style, so it is effortless to maneuver. It is a robust machine that can take stepping on (although that isn’t recommended). The fact that it can hold a 200lb person suggests that it is a well-made piece of equipment.

The handle is comfortable with grips, and it folds down nicely. It can stay up if needed. There are built-in holders for the oil tube. The hole has a stopper so you can be sure that your oil won't go anywhere and will not leak. There is a screen on the top of the oil drain hole with hundreds of tiny holes in it. This means that the oil drips in, and the filter catches any bits of debris. Great when you have accidentally dropped a wrench! The pump works steadily for filling old containers, and it would be useful for filling a whole drum if that were needed.

Shipping is fast from Amazon, and this product comes complete with a warranty for your peace of mind. A robust tool that, unless abused, will last a long time.


  • Robust design
  • Clever filter over the hole
  • Hole stopper to avoid spills
  • 7.5 inches in height – fits under most cars


  • Few report that the pump fails easily, sometimes on first use
  • The warranty length is not clear

3. Roughneck Low-Profile

Best 15 Gallon Manual Model









Our third choice goes to the Roughneck Low-Profile Oil Drain Dolly. Unlike the first two pans in our review that are made from polypropylene, the Roughneck unit is made from steel. Give the weight of 15 gallons of oil, a heavy-duty pan is desirable.

But while steel is incredibly strong, it also brings with it a few down sides. One is weight – a metal body makes for a heavier pan. The second is construction methods – a steel body means the attachment points for the castors must be welded on to the main body. A few reviewers mentioned weld quality as a concern, so keep that in mind.

The Roughneck pan comes with 3″ front swivel castor wheels, and 5″ fixed rear wheels for positioning the pan. And it has an 8′ evacuation hose attached to a hand pump that quickly drains oil, and also a mesh grate designed to catch any metal particulate that might drop while you are draining your vehicle. Overall, the Roughneck is a solid entry at a good price. If you think a steel pan is the best choice for your shop it is worth a look.

4. Generic Low Profile

Heavy Duty Model




17 Gallons


49 lbs



Our second choice for best low profile oil drain pan with pump is this unit from Generic. For all intents and purposes this pan is a generic version of our number 1 choice from STKUSA, so it makes sense that it should rank similarly in our review. It comes with the same capacity as our top pick, as well as the same evacuation hose length. It also has a folding T handle for convenience, and rolling castor wheels, so it performs basically the same as the STKUSA model.

Given the similarity, the only real difference is the price. Typically with a generic brand you would expect a lower price, but this pan came in as costing a few dollars more than the STKUSA model, which is why it ended up at #2. But we still think it is a great value, and worth your consideration.

5. Stark

Budget Pick




17 Gallons


46.3 lbs



Our top choice in this roundup of the best portable oil drain pans with pumps is STKUSA 17-Gallon Pan. The STKUSA unit is made from polypropylene, which serves the dual purpose of making the pan both tough and lightweight.

Given that motor oil weighs a little over 7 pounds, and the STKUSA pan can hold 17 gallons, that means this rolling pan can be called on to carry a 120-pound payload. So strong and lightweight are great features in a portable oil pan.

This pan also boasts a folding handle for easy storage, and a 7-foot long hose for evacuating the oil. That hose attaches to a manual crank pump that will allow you to move the waste oil out of the pan and into a storage container without having to dump, spill, and then wipe up mess.

A survey of online reviews of the STKUSA oil drain pan were all positive, with every respondent giving the unit either 4 or 5 stars. And since it comes at a great price, the STKUSA 17 Gallon Portable Oil Drain Pan won our top pick.

6. W4-Moto

Top 20 Gallon Model




20 Gallons


57.32 lbs.



This oil draining pan is a great 20 gallon model with a unique no-spill design. It has a lip all around the unit, and the filter clips on top of the lip, meaning it is very difficult to spill the oil. This is a manual oil drain pan so there is no pump, it just relies on gravity. That said, it is still a great piece of equipment in its own right.

It is made from high-impact steel to make it durable, although the manufacturer explains that it is still lightweight. This means it is easy to move around, aided by the wheels which move in every direction. Not just the lightweight construction but also the long-reach T shaped handle adds to the maneuverability, meaning it is straightforward to put into position under the vehicle. The handle has a bracket on it so you can wind up the hose, keeping things neat and tidy.

Storage, movement, and pulling are made comfortable and straightforward with the long-reach handle, and since you will probably use it time and time again, this is a brilliant feature of this machine. This model also has an 8-foot hose, which means it will be simple and fast to drain the oil away, even if you cannot get close to the drainage point. Its 20-gallon container means it can be used multiple times before emptying. Great for large jobs or many cars. 


  • Made from high impact steel
  • Easy to move wheels
  • Long T shaped handle
  • Brackets to wind up the hose
  • 8-foot hose to dispense oil easily


  • No pump – manual oil drain pan
  • Lightweight 

7. Shop Tuff STF-15GS

Popular Model




15 Gallons


51 lbs.


Yes - 1 year

The fourth choice in our roundup of the top oil drain pans with pumps is the STF-15GS from Shop Tuff. Like our #3 pick the STF-15GS is constructed from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coat finish and features a 15-gallon pan capacity, making it perfect for large jobs.

The Shop Tuff pan is designed to prevent parts and other debris from falling into your waste oil by means of a mesh grate that covers the whole drain pan. And it features an expanded metal cover that will reduce oil splashing while you move it.

The 8′ drain hose on the STF-15GS attaches to a manual pump which drains oil, anti-freeze, and other fluids quickly. The pump is rated for 0.2 liters per hand revolution, so you won’t spend all day working a crank every time you do an oil change. Due to the steel construction the same concerns about weld quality and eventual corrosion apply to the STF-15GS. But overall it seems like a quality pan that comes at a fair price.

Manual vs. Electric Models Compared

So, what are the differences between a manual oil drain pan and an oil drain pan with pump?

When you have a pump, you know you will be able to drain the oil faster. Instead of just relying on gravity for the oil to drain out, you can be sure the last little bits of oil are removed from the vehicle – and it is usually the last bits where the debris remains, so it is better for the car to get those bits out.

Pumps require electricity, so you will need to make sure you can plug it in and drain your vehicle – although extension cords are everywhere, it just adds another part to the job. Pumps are often noisy, so late-night oil changes are not going to go down well with the neighbors if you are working late or you are working in your own workshop or garage.

A manual oil drain pan will last you a long time, perhaps a lifetime. The thing with pumps is there are more mechanical parts. The more mechanical parts there are, the more things there are to break down. Ultimately if you are doing lots of oil changes and time is money for you, then get an oil drain pan with a pump. The time you save will be worth it. However, if you are an individual that just changes the oil once or twice per year, then you will probably be okay with a manual oil drain pan.

How Do you know if you need an oil change?

Several indicators let you know you need an oil change. First, you will have an indicator light on your dashboard, which will let you know you need an oil change. If this light comes on, you will need to change your oil soon. There isn't any need to change it that day, but within the next week or so, get it sorted out.

Another way to check your engine oil and make sure that all is okay is to do things manually. Be prepared to get a little messy with this one. Check your oil level by opening the hood and pulling out the dipstick. It has a loop on the end so you can see which bit to pull out. Then, wipe it and return it to its place. Pull it out again, and you will see the level of the oil. Make sure it is in between the minimum and maximum levels.

Now you need to look at the oil. What color is it? Oil goes into your car as a yellowish color, but then it will change to brown. If your oil needs changing, it will be a black color or very dark brown. This shows the oil is old, and you will probably need it to be replaced.

Another way to check the oil is by touch. Just touch the end of the dipstick and roll your finger and thumb together. If it is gritty,  then definitely change your oil. Because the oil lubricates the engine, having gritty oil means the engine parts will not be adequately lubricated, and you can have problems occurring.

A less messy way to make sure you change your engine oil often enough is to keep an eye on your mileage. Some car manufacturers say you should change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Toyota likes you to change the oil every 5,000 miles while for a Ford Focus, every 10,000 miles is recommended. You will need to check in your owner’s handbook for your manufacturer’s recommendation. You can either take your car to the garage and have a professional mechanic do the oil change or, if you are practically minded, you can do it yourself using either a manual or electric oil drain pan with a pump.

Using A Waste Oil Pan With A Pump

Modern vehicles require an oil change at least every 3000-6000 miles, which is pretty often, even if you only have one or two automobiles in your household. If these changes are so common, why should we suddenly use an extra bit of equipment?

Here’s why. If you’re working on automobiles without a waste pan and drain the fluid using a tarp-bucket contraption, you may find that the oil will begin spilling out and slowly spread to cover the surface of your workspace – bad news if you’re working inside a garage and have to clear up the spillage.

Don’t let this happen to you – spend a little more money in advance to ensure the smooth and easy procedure will not encounter any hiccups along the way. These handy tools are made to collect the fluid from beneath automobiles without requiring the use of a jack or a lift. After using one of these for the first time, you will realize how simply smooth an oil change can truly feel. The pump feature allows for easy fluid evacuation and can significantly speed the procedure along. When time is money, all of these little things add up.

Here is a good YouTube video of someone using the Roughneck pan with pump for an oil change:

Disposing of Used Oil Properly

Of course, once you have your old oil, you need to dispose of it properly. In some countries, there are fines for people who don't dispose of their oil at recycling centers.

First, any clean up any spillages. You will need to put an oil-absorbing material on it. Cat litter is a good option here. Then you will need to sweep it up and use a degreaser to get rid of the last of the grease. When you have all your old oil contained, then you need to find a place to put it. Bear in mind that one liter of oil can contaminate 1,000,000 liters of water, so please don't put it down the drain.

Put the oil in a container like one that the new oil comes in. Screw top lids are preferably, but since anything is better than trying to get oil out of the seats of your car, use carrier bags (plastic bags) to put the container in. Where there is an oil change facility, you will find that they also accept used oil. Some auto parts stores will also take old oil, but be prepared, some of them charge a small fee for recycling the oil. If you have a recycling center nearby, you will be able to dispose of the oil there.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How often and when should I change my car's engine oil?

You should change your car's engine oil as per your car's owner’s handbook. If you have any of the symptoms of needing an oil change such as the car light indicating an oil change is necessary, the oil in your car is black or gritty, the engine sounds too noisy – these are all signs that indicate you need to do an oil change.

How much does an oil change typically cost from a mechanic?

California - $93 - $161
New York - $26 - $90
Florida - $92 - $160
Seattle - $92 - $160

Are the top 4 models on our list the same?

No, they are not identical; there are slight differences which we have highlighted. Often with these products, you find there are only small differences, but they can be the thing that makes your job much easier.

Where is the best place to buy oil drain pans?

The best place to buy oil drain pans is Amazon. This is because they have a transparent rating system, and you can check what other people who have bought the product think. It provides you with great insight about the company and the product too.


Whether you call it an oil drain pan with pump or an oil drain dolly with an air pump, it is a gadget that will save you time and, therefore, money. There are different sizes of oil drain pans with electric pumps, such as the 17 gallon or 15-gallon oil drain pan with pump. They all get the oil from your vehicle and make sure your engine runs smoothly and for a long time.

You need to change your oil when it is ready, and this is vital because this is what keeps the engine running smoothly. The oil drain pans with pumps we have highlighted in this article are the ones that will do the job the best. Does your car deserve the very best care to help it last as long as possible? Well, that is up to you to decide. For us, we like to use the products named above and to keep our vehicles running smoothly and well for a very long time.

In our opinion, though, as good as the selection above are, it is the GoPlus Portable is the overall best oil drain pan with a pump available. It offers a user-friendly design and performs its function well and won't break the bank too much.