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How To Remove A Jeep Soft Top Completely

In our guide, we cover how to remove a Jeep soft top completely so that you can experience more fun in the sun.

When the weather gets nice, you want to take off your Jeep soft top for more adventure. However, you might not know how to do this safely. In our guide, we cover how to remove a Jeep soft top completely so that you can experience more fun.  

Before you learn how to remove a Jeep soft top, you want to understand the reason it is so popular. Here are few benefits to consider. 

  • Versatility 
    Everyone loves feeling the wind in their hair on a warm summer day. Unlike other vehicles, you can take the top off of your Jeep whenever you want. 
  • Cost Savings 
    Buying a soft top for your Jeep saves you money compared with the hardtop version. 
  • Interior Protection 
    With a soft top, UV rays and rain are kept out of the Jeep interior when it is installed. However, you still have the option to remove it when the time is right. With locked zippers, it’s also hard for someone to break into the Jeep. 
  • Adds Style 
    You can choose a soft top that fits your personality with the wide range of styles available.
camo 2 door jeep wrangler

Hard Vs Soft Top Jeep Covers 

While it’s simple to figure out how to remove the soft top on a Jeep Wrangler, this style might not be right for everyone. Here are a few reasons you might prefer a hardtop Jeep instead.  

  • Premature Wear 
    Over time, the soft top is going to wear down faster because the material isn’t as durable as the hardtop. 
  • Drooping Of The Rear Window 
    The soft top can become deformed, leading to a drooping of the rear window. 
  • Side Windows Drooping 
    The same problem can occur with the side windows without the structural support of the hardtop. 
  • Installation Challenges 
    Some people find the hardtop easier to install, but it’s not as simple to store as the soft top. 

How To Remove Jeep Soft Tops Completely

As we look at the Jeep Wrangler - how to remove soft top, you realize that no special tools are needed. Your hands and a little patience are all that’s required.  

You should always read the manual with your product first, but here are some generic steps if you want to know how to remove a soft top on a Jeep Wrangler. 

1. Release Header Latches 

Unclip the sun visors of the Jeep from the inside. You will see the header latches that need to also be released. To do this, lift them by the loops that are attached to the windshield frame.  

2. Remove Quarter Windows 

Unzip the windows from the outside. Remove them while keeping the windows upright at all times to avoid scratches.  

3. Remove Back Window 

Do you know how to remove a Jeep soft top rear window? Find the zipper for the back window, likely on the right side. Zip it while moving towards the left.  

4. Remove Rear Sail Flaps 

Pull the sail flaps down from the corners. Once they are released, fold them up carefully by rolling them to the soft top.  

5. Remove the Soft Top 

Find the latch pedals above the door jambs on both sides of the front seats. Push these down to release the side bows. That’s all you need to do if you want to know how to remove a soft top Jeep Wrangler. 

If you need to figure out how to remove a Jeep soft top frame, you will require a little more effort than merely removing the material itself.  

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Differences For 2-Door Vs 4-Door Jeep Wranglers 

Taking off the 4-door Jeep Wrangler top is only slightly different from learning how to remove a soft top on a Jeep Wrangler 2 door model. While you will follow many of the same steps listed above, you will need to look for more latches.

Additionally, when you are figuring out the appropriate Jeep Wrangler Unlimited soft top removal, you need to remember that you are working with more material.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are soft tops waterproof? 

Once you learn how to remove a Jeep JL soft top completely, you see it is simply vinyl held together with Velcro and overlapping zippers. While this material is mainly waterproof, over time, it can degrade and start to leak.  

Can I customize the soft top of my Jeep? 

There are thousands of color options available when you are looking for a Jeep soft top. You can choose a solid color or go with some design that reflects your personality.  

How long do soft tops last? 

With the right Jeep soft top maintenance, you can expect it to last between three and five years. The weather conditions and frequency of removal will also affect its lifespan.  

Can you drive a soft top Jeep in the winter? 

You can drive your Jeep in the winter, but you will want to inspect it before bad weather hits to ensure it is intact. You should also have the heater serviced to be sure you have the right temperature in the cabin.  

Can I go through the carwash with a soft top Jeep? 

You should never take your soft top Jeep through the car wash. The mechanical car wash can cause a lot of damage to the Jeep top. Instead, you should spend time learning how to detail your Jeep at home.  


Whether you want to know how to remove a soft top from a 2018 Jeep Wrangler or you have another model, our guide should give you the direction you need. Take that top off, crank up the speakers, and enjoy the warm sunshine on your face for a real adventure.