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Reconditioning Golf Cart Batteries

Learn how to recondition golf cart batteries with our step by step guide. Rejuvenate old battery models and power up your small vehicle.

Golf cart batteries are often expensive to replace, which is why you want to take care of them. Just like with cars, you can recondition batteries to get more life out of them.

This simple process helps you save money and retain value. We will walk you through the steps if you want to know how to recondition golf cart batteries.

When you rejuvenate golf cart batteries, you have several benefits. First, there are the cost savings involved. Instead of spending money on a new golf cart battery, you can spend a minimal amount on the reconditioning.

There’s also the waste reduction aspect. You can’t simply dispose of these batteries because of the electrolytes inside. Finally, you save time from having to run out and get a new battery.

Why Golf Cart Batteries Drain So Fast

Why do you need golf cart battery repair, and what makes them go bad? Very often, the battery is struggling to keep a charge because it drains too quickly. This might be due to a loose connection, poor battery wiring, or a faulty voltage regulator.

Is it time to change the battery in your golf cart? If you are noticing performance issues, you might want to learn how do you rejuvenate golf cart batteries before replacing them.

Ways of Checking if Golf Cart Batteries Are Dead

Using a multimeter

Connect the probes of your multimeter to the appropriate terminals of the battery. Give it a small load to read voltage drop. Make sure your device is configured to read up to 20 DC volts.

Using a hydrometer

Use the hydrometer to measure the density of the battery’s electrolytes. You must read the specific gravity on each cell and compare it to the readings on a chart.

Using the Load Testing method

The load tester offers more insight by putting a dummy load on the battery. You hook the load tester to the battery terminals and read the voltage. Then, press the button to put a load on the battery and watch the voltage. It shouldn’t drop more than 0.4 volts.

Using the Discharge Testing method

This expensive method requires special equipment, normally only owned by repair shops. Hook the unit across the battery bank and put them under a resistance load. You will learn the health based on the rate of decay over the time it takes to deplete 75% of the charge.

How to Revive Dead Golf Cart Batteries

Do you know how to rejuvenate golf cart batteries? While you could search out a golf cart battery repair kit, it’s a simple job to do on your own. The only golf cart batteries you can recondition would be lead-acid as other models are sealed. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. 1
    Turn the battery on its side and allow the acid to run out of the cell until it’s half full. You want to catch this in an appropriate container and dispose of it properly. You also don’t want to get any on your skin.
  2. 2
    Clean battery corrosion and the case to ensure everything is in good condition.
  3. 3
    Mix two quarts of distilled water with eight ounces of Epsom salts. Use a turkey baster to fill each battery cell until completely full.
  4. 4
    Use the best golf cart battery charger overnight or through an entire cycle. If it doesn’t reach a full charge, you need a new battery. If it does charge, see how long it lasts now, as you might be able to get some more life from it.

Here’s a helpful YouTube video for visual learning.

How to Make Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer

Can you rejuvenate golf cart batteries? Yes, but you may not need to if you take care of it. Golf cart battery maintenance is essential to keeping them working right. Check the battery often and clean it to avoid connection issues. Don't overcharge the battery.

In fact, you could use an automatic charger that shuts off or converts to a trickle charge when full. You don't want to completely discharge a golf cart battery as that could cause damage. If you are going to store the battery, make sure it is connected to a high-quality charger. Also, please don't push your golf cart beyond its limits, as this puts a strain on the battery.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What happens to a golf cart battery if not used for a long time?

It slowly loses its charge, leaving you with a dead battery. If you need to store it, consider a trickle charger or maintainer that ensures the battery remains full.

Can a completely dead golf cart battery be reconditioned?

If the battery itself is not damaged, you might be able to recondition it. We recommend giving it a try before spending money on a new battery.

How long will it take to recondition a golf cart battery?

The process itself doesn’t take long, but you will need to completely charge it when you are done. The time this takes depends on what charger you use.

Should golf cart batteries be charged after every use?

Yes, you want to keep your golf cart batteries charged. You can do this with a maintainer that ensures levels never drop.

Can my charger still charge my golf cart cells if their voltage is low?

As long as there is some voltage, your charger should be able to detect the battery and charge it.

What is the estimated life of golf cart batteries?

If you take care of the golf cart batteries, they will last, on average, about five years.

How does low temperature affect golf cart batteries?

Not only does low temperature slow the charge and discharge rate of the cells, but it decreases the charging capacity.

How long does it take to charge a golf cart?

It can take anywhere from one to ten hours, depending on what charger you are using and how dead the batteries are.

Can I manually charge golf cart batteries with a car charger?

You need to use an appropriate charger for your battery type, whether it is a 6-, 8- or 12-volt battery. Because you want to avoid golf cart battery charger repair, it is best to use a compatible jump box.

Do I need a golf cart battery watering system?

You can avoid EZGO golf cart battery charger repair with a golf cart battery watering system. Instead of using a golf cart battery repair liquid solution, you would hook up this automatic system instead. These are best for people that use their golf carts daily or frequently.


How can I rejuvenate my golf cart batteries? Follow our tips for battery reconditioning to ensure you are never left with a dead battery again. You can also maintain your battery’s charge for optimal health.