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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

Want to hit the road with your best friend, but hate dealing with all of the dog hair? Learn how to get dog hair out of car interiors with our simple steps.

You want to hit the road with your best friend, but it can get old dealing with all of the dog hair. Thankfully, you can learn how to get dog hair out of car interiors with our simple steps. These tips go beyond simply learning how to clean car seats, touching on every aspect of your vehicle.  

  • 1. Pet Vacuum Cleaners  
    The first step to figuring out how to get dog hair out of a car is to use the same pet vacuum you use in the home. If you don’t want to drag your big model out to the garage, consider investing in a handheld vacuum cleaner instead.  
  • 2. Duct Tape  
    Is there anything that duct tape isn’t good for? If you want to know how to get dog hair out of your car, consider grabbing a roll of duct tape and push the sticky side where you need to remove debris. When you lift it off, you will be amazed at how much hair comes with it.  
  • 3. Lint Roller  
    If you want to know how to get short dog hair out of car seats before it ends up on your clothing, consider using a lint roller. These products are cheap and easy to take with you on the go. A quality roller will pull stubborn hairs out with ease.  
  • 4. Velcro Curlers  
    Another way to figure out how to get dog hair out of cloth car seats is to use your Velcro curlers. These work just like the lint roller, except you probably have some curlers sitting around the house going unused.  
  • 5. Rubber Gloves  
    Rubber gloves can be an invaluable tool as you learn how to get short dog hair out of a car carpet. Put the gloves on and sweep your hand across the area covered in hair. Move in one direction for the best results. You can also wet the gloves if you need more pulling power.  
  • 6. Balloon  
    You might not automatically think of party balloons when you are looking at how to get dog hair out of a car headliner, but these simple products can be very effective. With static electricity on your side, hair comes right out.  
  • 7. Squeegee  
    As you figure out how to get dog hair out of a car carpet, consider the benefit of having an all-purpose squeegee. This cost-effective option works just like the rubber gloves, catching hair as you move across the surface.  
  • 8. Car Cleaning Services  
    If you are struggling with figuring out how to get fine dog hair out of a car, you might want to consider talking to a professional. Of course, you can follow the steps to detail a car yourself, or you can invest in top-notch services in your area for further help.  
How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Interiors (Tips & Tricks) 

1. Out Of Car Carpet 

Figuring out how to get dog hair out of a car carpet is best done with a vacuum cleaner. Remove the floor mats and clean those separately. Then, use your high-powered vacuum on the floor to remove any hair you can. You might also need to implement one of the other tools to loosen stubborn dog hair.

For example, if you use the glove or squeegee method, you can collect all of the dog hair into a pile to remove it easier with your pet vacuum. If you plan on cleaning the entire interior of your vehicle, do the carpet last as everything else will fall here as you are cleaning.  

2. Out Of Car Seats (Leather & Fabric Seats) 

Learning how to get dog hair out of car seats requires an analysis of the type of car interior you have. For example, if you want to know how to get dog hair out of car upholstery, you are going to have to do more work than if you simply wiped down some leather seats. 

When figuring out how to get dog hair out of fabric car seats, we recommend using the same method as you did with the carpet. You can vacuum up the hair or gather it first for easier removal when cleaning the seats of your car. If need be, follow up with a lint roller or duct tape for stubborn hairs.  

3. Out Of Car Boot/Trunk 

Learning how to get dog hair out of the car boot carpet is just as simple as dealing with other parts of the vehicle. We recommend removing everything from the trunk before getting started. Then, to figure out how to get dog hair out of a car boot, grab your vacuum cleaner and see what can be picked up. 

If need be, you can try one of the gathering methods we talked about first or follow up with the lint brush and duct tape to attract stubborn hairs. Because this is an open space, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble removing the hair.  

4. Out Of Car Mats 

The good part about learning how to get dog hair out of car mats is that you can remove them for easier access. It would be best to take out the floor mats before you clean the rest of your vehicle anyway. While these mats are out, you can try using your vacuum to see what comes up. 

Additionally, some floor mats can be simply wiped down. If you have a rubber mat, feel free to hose them off and use a protectant on them for future shielding against dog hair.  

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Interiors

Tips For Preventing Dog Hair In Cars 

We all know that dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows, so it's great to be able to take your furry friend for a ride from time-to-time, but no one really wants to deal with how to get dog hair out of car fabric.

The easiest way to avoid wasting a lot of time cleaning the car is to prevent hair build-up in the first place. Here are a few tips to consider.  

  • Restrict your dog’s movement in the car. By keeping the dog in one spot, you have less to clean up. 
  • Cover the seats. You can use a sheet, towel, blanket, or a specialized pet car seat cover 
  • Get your dog groomed before going for a ride.  
  • Perform regular cleanings so the hair doesn’t accumulate.  

Items Used To Protect Your Car’s Interior From Dog Hair 

  • Dog Hammock/Back Seat Protector  
    With a cover placed over the seats, you will have less hair to remove. These car seat protectors remove easily for a quick clean up. You just need to choose one that fits your vehicle model.  
  • Side Door Cover  
    Not only will the high-quality pet side door cover protect the interior from dog hair, but it also prevents damage from your best friend’s nails, which can cause irreversible damage.  
  • Car Boot Cover  
    If your dog enjoys riding in the back of your SUV, consider getting a pet trunk cover. These are just like the seat covers, except they are placed in the cargo hold for protection.  
  • Dog Odor Eliminator   
    Sometimes you need to do more than just learn how to get dog hair out of the car interior. Occasionally, you will also need to remove odors and stains. With a highly-rated odor eliminator, you can have your car smelling new again.  
  • Dog Booster Seat  
    You can not only protect the interior from dog hair, but you can also secure your pet while moving with a dog booster seat. These booster seats are by size, so be sure you choose one that accommodates the weight and height of your dog.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can car detailing remove dog hair? 

If you have professional auto detailing performed on your vehicle, the dog hair should be removed. Make sure you talk with the provider ahead of time and tell them what you expect. You might have to pay a little extra for the services.  

What do car detailers use for dog hair? 

Professional car detailers aren’t afraid to use a little power to remove stubborn dog hair. They will typically rely on a vacuum first but move onto other methods if the hair doesn’t come up easily.  

What material will dog hair not stick to? 

Satin, silk, and chiffon are some of the only materials that dog hair doesn't stick to, but these aren't often used in cars. However, you aren’t going to struggle much with leather upholstery as it tends to repel dog hair well. 

Can dog hair damage my car air conditioner? 

Dog hair gets easily sucked up into the air conditions system, where it can clog the filters and reduce efficiency. For this reason alone, you want to rid the car interior of dog hair whenever possible.  


While it isn't always difficult to get dog hair out of a car, it can be a time-consuming process. Use our steps above to ride your car interior of pet hair, and you will have a more enjoyable ride.