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How To Fix A Squeaky Suspension

Before you learn how to fix a squeaky suspension, you need to know what’s causing it. We look at the most common causes of a squeaky front & rear suspension.

The car’s suspension helps keep the ride smooth with the help of shocks and struts. However, even with the best shocks and struts, you can end up with a squeaky front suspension or squeaky rear suspension.

In this guide, we teach you how to fix a squeaky suspension, so you can have a more enjoyable ride.  

Before you learn how to stop a squeaky suspension, you need to know what’s causing it. The car suspension system is made up of many parts, all of which can lead to squeaking if it is defective.  

If the springs are bad or stretched out, squeaking can occur while the vehicle’s movement isn’t absorbed properly. 

Additionally, the shock absorbers are needed to dampen the kinetic energy from the movement. If they become worn, not only might you hear squeaking, but you should also notice more bounce to your drive. 

There could also be a lack of lubrication with the bushings that is leading to a squeaking sound. You can find bushings located on the shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. Furthermore, worn out ball joints create a creaking noise, especially when heading around a turn.  

You should always take prompt action to complete a squeaky suspension fix at the first sign of trouble. Otherwise, your on-road safety could be compromised.  

How To Fix Squeaky Suspension

How To Locate To Exact Source Of The Squeak (Instead Of Guessing) 

You can’t learn how to fix a squeaky suspension if you don’t know what part is damaged. Some people bounce the vehicle and try to listen for the defective part, but this is an inaccurate way of diagnosing the problem.  

Other people choose to use a stethoscope to find the culprit while bouncing, but this method could crush your fingers, so it’s not advised. Instead, use a simple homemade sound probe by taking a foot-long small-diameter metal rod and slipping a small plastic tube over the end.

You can put this tube up to your ear and the part you think is the problem. While bouncing the vehicle, try to pinpoint the source.  

How To Fix A Squeaking Suspension At Home: A Mechanics Guide

How do I stop my suspension from squeaking? With our handy guide, you will learn how to fix squeaky shocks and other suspension parts.  

Materials Needed 

  • Floor jack 
  • Jack stands 
  • Lubricant 
  • Replacement parts 
  • Necessary hand or power tools to complete replacement 


  1. 1
    Identify the cause of the squeak. We covered this in the last section if you need more guidance. 
  2. 2
    Use a floor jack to lift the affected part of the vehicle. Secure the car or truck on jack stands 
  3. 3
    Remove the wheel on the affected area.  
  4. 4
    Locate the defective part. 
  5. 5
    If you are dealing with a lack of lubrication, use a silicone lubricant to fix the problem.  
  6. 6
    If you need to replace a part, take it off and put on a new one. When changing shocks and struts, it’s best to replace them in pairs. If you need to fix a squeaky front suspension or you are dealing with a squeaky rear suspension, you would want to replace both of the shocks or struts at the same time.  
  7. 7
    Put the wheel back on and ensure the lug nuts are properly torqued. 
  8. 8
    Lower the vehicle back to the ground and take it for a test drive.  

Deeper Suspension Issues That May Require A Professional Mechanic 

As discussed above, there might be times when the squeaky suspension could be due to something more than a lack of lubricant. If you need to replace the shocks or struts, you may not feel comfortable taking these steps on your own.  

Without the proper tools and equipment, changing suspension parts can be overwhelming. Not only that, but you could compromise the safety of the system by not installing the replacements correctly. 

If your suspension is squeaking and you are noticing other dangerous symptoms, such as having trouble controlling the vehicle, it’s best to see a professional mechanic for help.  

range rover suspension

Car Models Prone To A Squeaky Suspension 

Because of how the vehicle is made and the parts it uses, there are some models that tend to be squeakier than others.  


If you are dealing with a BMW X5 (E70) squeaky suspension, a BMW E60 squeaky rear suspension or a BMW F30 squeaky rear suspension, it could be due to a lack of lubrication.  

Range Rover

A Range Rover Sport squeaky suspension might be due to a lubrication problem with the bearings.  

Honda Element (Front Suspension)

A front suspension squeak could be due to a cast iron arm on the rubber motor mount assembly that rubs. You might need help from a mechanic to fix this problem.  

Nissan Titan (Rear Suspension)

Older Titan models are known for a rear suspension squeak. The company made an add-on kit to get rid of the squeak. It contains a bracket and plastic strips to put around the springs.  

Dodge Ram 

If putting lubrication on the sway bar mounts, there could be a loose component on the Ram lift kit you might have installed 

Hyundai Santa Fe

The bushings tend to wear out and create a squeaking sound on some Santa Fe models.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Why does my car squeak at low speeds? 

Whenever there is a lack of lubrication or a bad suspension part, you could hear squeaking occur, especially while traveling at lower speeds. Highway noise can sometimes mask suspension sounds.  

Is a squeaky suspension dangerous? 

The squeaking noise itself isn’t dangerous, but the problem causing the squeak could be. If the shocks or struts have gone bad, you could lose handling of your vehicle and cause an accident.  

Can you spray WD40 on bushings or car shocks? 

WD-40 should not be sprayed on automotive rubber as it can cause a breakdown. Instead, opt for a silicone lubricant spray that will increase the smooth movement without causing damage.  

How do you know if your car suspension has gone? 

Handling issues are the most common complaint when the suspension is failing. If you start to notice every bump and road imperfection, it’s time to have the suspension looked at.  

How much does it cost to fix squeaky suspension? 

It depends on what the problem is. You can purchase a bottle of lubricant for around $10. However, if you need to replace shocks or struts, you are looking at a much higher cost, especially if you need to visit a mechanic.  


Once you know how to fix a squeaky suspension, you have everything you need to enjoy the ride. Keep your occupants safe by maintaining control over the vehicle by addressing suspension problems immediately.