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How To Cover A Broken Car Window

This guide shows you how to cover a broken car window temporarily until you can get it replaced.

Whether your vehicle was vandalized or the subject of damage, you want to learn how to cover a broken car window.

In this guide, we review how to keep the rain out of broken car window and the best way to cover broken car windows.

Why do you need to figure out how to cover up a broken car window? Here are just a few reasons you should take steps immediately.

  • Protect your passengers 
    With the wind blowing through the broken window, tiny pieces of glass could be dislodged and harm the passengers.
  • Protection from elements 
    Driving with a broken window is like having it down constantly. If bad weather hits, you could get rained on.
  • Protect the interior 
    If that weather hits, it could also damage the interior and fabric of the car.
  • Secure your belongings 
    With a wide-open window, anyone can access what’s inside your vehicle with ease.
How To Cover A Broken Car Window

How To Cover A Car Window Temporarily: 3 Best Ways

If you don’t know how to temporarily cover a broken car window, we will offer some solutions. Some of these tactics are best if you understand how to cover a broken car rear window, while others might work better if you are learning how to cover a broken car door window.

1. With Plastic Wrap

The easiest broken car window temporary fix is done with plastic wrap. To learn how to cover a broken car window with plastic wrap, you can follow this easy guide.

  • With some soap and water, remove any dirt from around the broken window. You clean the area just like you would clean car windows.
  • Vacuum any pieces of small glass that are left behind.
  • Cut the plastic wrap to the size of the window.
  • Secure the plastic with duct tape.

The plastic wrap will help retain air or heat for a comfortable environment until you can get the window fixed.

How To Temporarily Cover A Broken Window

2. With BigTape

You can also learn how to temporarily fix a broken car window with the help of BigTape. If you want to know how to cover a broken back car window, simply follow the previous methods outlined and use your plastic wrap or other material.

However, instead of using duct tape, which can damage the car paint, use this special adhesive instead.

It won’t leave behind any residue and comes in 18” rolls. Plus, the material holds up to 70 mph of wind, so it’s perfect for securing your auto glass. The BigTape is also clear for optimal visibility.

3. With A Trash Bag

Some people choose to learn how to fix a broken car window temporarily by using a trash bag. However, there are several problems with this solution when you are figuring out how to properly cover a broken car window. First, trash bags are not see-through, so you are going to struggle with visibility.

Secondly, the trash bag will not be able to withstand highway speeds. Not only will the sound become annoying, but it could blow off into someone else’s windshield and cause an accident.

Finally, using a trash bag on the window could be grounds for a ticket if you get pulled over by the police. It’s always better to learn how to cover a broken car window with plastic that you can see through.

DOes Car Insurance Cover Broken Window

What Else Should You Do If Someone Breaks Your Car Window?

Someone broke my car window, what should I do? This guide will show you what to do when your car window is broken into.

  1. 1
    Document the damage – you should take video or photos of what has happened.
  2. 2
    Call the police – it’s important to have a police report filed for insurance purposes.
  3. 3
    Cancel credit cards – you may also want to file a fraud alert with the bank to ensure anything that was stolen doesn’t come back to harm you.
  4. 4
    File your insurance claim – call the insurance company and open a claim.
  5. 5
    Replace the car window – work with your insurance company to have the window replaced.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Broken Car Window?

The broken car window repair cost won’t be much if you do a temporary fix. Looking at how much to fix a broken car window only costs you the supplies of plastic and tape upfront.

However, how much does it cost to repair a broken car window professionally? That depends on if your insurance will cover the cost to replace a broken car window. On average, you could spend $100 to $400.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

How do you clean up broken car window glass?

The quickest and safest way to clean broken auto glass is with a shop vacuum. Don’t ever touch the glass with your hands. Instead, use the shop vacuum to suck up any glass pieces. Do this until all the glass is removed from the car.

Does car insurance cover broken windows?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy, vandalism or severe weather situations would be covered. However, you might still have a deductible that you will have to pay. Otherwise, you are responsible for the auto glass replacement yourself.

Can I drive with a shattered back window?

Just like there are laws when you tint car windows, your state might have something to say about you driving with a broken back window. While it isn’t necessarily unsafe, as long as all of the glass is cleaned up, it also poses other risks to your passengers and the car’s interior.

Can you replace a car window yourself? How long does it take?

It isn’t easy to replace your own windows and you could risk having a leak if it isn’t sealed properly. If you feel mechanically inclined and you have the right tools, it doesn’t take long to do. However, you should never attempt it if you aren’t sure what you are doing.


If you need to cover a broken window, you have several options. However, it is always best if you have the broken car window repaired professionally, so you don’t have to worry about the weather or theft.