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How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet

This detailed guide will show you how to clean a motorcycle helmet ready for your next riding adventure.

You need your motorcycle helmet to stay safe during a ride, but what do you do when the helmet gets dirty? Even the best motorcycle helmets will need to be cleaned from time to time. We will show you how to clean a motorcycle helmet so that you can enjoy a clean motorcycle helmet once again.

Before you figure out how to clean your motorcycle helmet, you want to know the reason behind the task. First, it’s vital to know how to clean motorcycle helmet visor for maximum visibility. Without being able to see, you put yourself and others at risk on the road. Furthermore, motorcycle helmets tend to smell after time because of the sweat and dirt.

If you don’t clean it out, you are subjecting yourself to these noxious smells. However, just learning the best way to clean a motorcycle helmet isn’t enough if it’s not done right. You’ve spent a lot of money on your helmet, but improper care can make it a piece of junk.

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Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Materials: Things You’ll Need

How do you clean a motorcycle helmet? It all starts with having the right materials. Depending on what you plan to clean, you might want to have these supplies handy.

  • Microfiber rags – make sure they are clean
  • Toothbrush – a cheap brush will do
  • Baby shampoo – without petroleum is a safe and gentle option
  • Compressed air – to clean the vents
  • Warm water – from your tub or sink

Steps To Cleaning Motorcycle Helmets At Home

Dismantling the Helmet

Before you move forward on the steps of how to clean the outside of a motorcycle helmet, you must first remove any accessories. If you have a motorcycle helmet camera or Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you need to remove all of the external accessories. Ensure that there are no antennas, electronics, or batteries left on the helmet, and take your time removing the interior padding.

Preparing Helmet Outer Shell

To clean bugs off a motorcycle helmet, preparation is key. Soak your microfiber towel in warm water and place it over your helmet. This should soften the caked-on bugs, dirt, and grime, thereby reducing the effort needed to clean it up. It also reduces the chances that you will scratch the helmet during cleaning.

Cleaning the Inside of a Motorcycle Helmet/Interior Lining - Washing Removable

How do you clean the inside of a motorcycle helmet? The interior is what probably needs the most attention considering you sweat inside of the helmet. Fill your sink or tub with warm water and some baby shampoo. Dunk and scrub every piece of the liner in your soapy water. Once you are finished washing, allow the liner and cheek pads to air dry completely.

Washing the Outside of a Motorcycle Helmet/Exterior

By now, you are asking - how do I clean my motorcycle helmet itself? Remove that wet rag you put around the helmet and take off your face shield. With another damp microfiber cloth, you want to gently go around the helmet, removing any dirt and bugs that remain. Don’t use solvents and other cleaning solutions on your helmet, or it could become damaged. Instead, use warm water and a soft toothbrush if needed.

Cleaning the Visor/Face Shield

Do you know how to clean the visor on a motorcycle helmet? The majority of face shields have some type of protective coating, whether it is for anti-fog or UV protection. That’s why you don’t want to use anything other than warm water to clean the visor. We always recommend reading the owner’s manual to ensure you don’t do anything that might void your warranty. Ideally, the best way to clean a motorcycle helmet visor is with a wet microfiber cloth.

Blow Out Vents

Another way you can use when learning how to clean inside the motorcycle helmet is to blow out the vent channels with some compressed air. After all, dirt and bugs can easily get trapped in the pathways. Use your air compressor to clear the channels, and you can breathe freely once again.

Reassembling the Helmet

Once the job is complete, you want to make sure everything is dry before putting anything back together. You can let the helmet and pieces sit outside, but not in direct sunlight. Then, reassemble the helmet and put all of the accessories back in place.

How To Best Remove Bad Odor from a Helmet

As your helmet sits on your face and head for extended periods of time, it's inevitably going to become smelly. If the interior liner is removable, you clean inside a motorcycle helmet following the steps above. However, if you can’t remove the interior padding, you will need to dunk the entire helmet in warm water and baby shampoo, gently working the material until it is clean.

Basic Guidelines on Helmet Care & Cleaning

As you clean your motorcycle helmet, there are a few best practices to consider.

  • Only use a mild soap, such as baby shampoo.
  • Let the wet microfiber cloth lay on the helmet to do most of the work for you.
  • You can use automotive polish on some gloss helmet shells.
  • Use a cotton swab if you need to clean out any joints or vents.
  • Make sure the helmet is completely dry before reassembling it.
  • Lubricate moving parts with a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Don’t use glass cleaner on the visor.
  • Never scrub the helmet shell to remove bugs or dirt.
  • Don’t put your liner in the dryer or use any fabric softener on the material.

Tips to Keep Helmet in Tip Top Shape (Preventative Maintenance)

Now that you know the best way to clean a motorcycle helmet visor, shell and interior, you want to keep it in pristine condition. Here are a few tips to extend the time between your cleanings.

  • Wear a bandana or skullcap underneath the helmet.
  • If you have a gloss helmet, you could use a high-quality automotive wax to make it easier to remove bugs and dirt later.
  • Wipe down your helmet after every ride, before bugs harden.
  • Don’t ever scrub the visor.
  • Make sure your helmet always dries out completely. After your ride, let it sit out overnight so the sweat can evaporate.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you wash a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, you can wash your motorcycle helmet, but you must use care. Follow the steps outlined above to keep your helmet clean and protected.

Are all motorbike helmets the same when it comes to cleaning?

No, you can’t clean all motorcycle helmets the same. For example, your Predator motorcycle helmet is going to require different care than most. If you are unsure how to proceed, check with the helmet manufacturer.

How often should I wash my motorcycle helmet?

While you should wipe down the helmet after every ride, the need to fully clean it depends on how hard you use it and how dirty it gets. Wash it when it starts to smell, or visibility becomes an issue.

Where is the best place to buy cleaning products for my motorcycle helmet?

Whether you need baby shampoo, microfiber cloths, or protective wax, you can find all of your supplies at Amazon. Plus, everything you order gets shipped right to your home.


Enjoy the ride with a clean, fresh-smelling helmet with our simple cleaning tips above. You can take care of your helmet and avoid unpleasant odors on your next adventure.