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How Do You Become A Mechanic?

We cover the job description, salary & requirements you need and why its a solid choice.

Some of today’s cars might be too complicated for home mechanics, but not if you have the right training. In this article, we look at how to become a mechanic and why you should consider it.

This profession is what we have done for years so we are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you. 

Whether you want to know how to become a certified mechanic or how to become a pro bike mechanic, we’ve got the answers you are looking for.  

Before you starting figuring out how to learn to become a mechanic, you should make sure it’s something you want to do.

The typical auto mechanic will need good customer service skills and will be able to communicate about the vehicle with the owner. It’s the mechanic’s job to act as a teacher, expressing what is wrong and showing how the appropriate fix will remedy the situation. Common tune-ups are a good example of this.

The auto mechanic will know how to look at the multiple vehicle systems to diagnose problems correctly. They will also be able to remove the defective parts and replace them with new ones. Part of the car mechanic's job is to perform regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation, HVAC checks, and more.  

If you learn how to become a certified auto mechanic, there’s nothing holding you back from starting your own business one day. You don’t have to work in someone else’s shop; you can make it big on your own.  

What Does An Auto Mechanic Do

Pros & Cons Of Being A Mechanic: Is It For You? 


  • Good earning potential 
  • Can work independently 
  • Job security 
  • Skills learned to start own business 


  • Long work hours 
  • Dirty working conditions 
  • Career is hard on the body 

4 Different Types Of Auto Mechanics 

  • Auto Mechanic  
    By learning how to become a mechanic, you gain the skills to work on most regular automobiles. You can also work on electrical aspects of the car, along with the basics, such as air conditioning, brakes, transmission, engine, and suspension systems. The majority of auto mechanics go for the basics skills to get certified.  
  • Diesel Mechanic  
    Maybe you would rather learn how to become a Ford diesel mechanic. In these cases, you will work on diesel engines, whether they are in a Super Duty truck or tractor-trailer. You will also have the skills to work on heavy machinery, such as what is found at the local farm.  
  • Small Engine Mechanic  
    If you want to know how to become a certified small engine mechanic, you will be able to work on lawnmowers and similar equipment. You will gain the skills to work on snowblowers and other small machinery or tools that gets used around the home.  
  • Motorcycle Mechanic  
    Learning how to become a bike mechanic opens a whole bunch of doors. Not only could you become skilled at fixing off-road machinery, such as ATVs and UTVs, but you could also learn how to become a motorsport mechanic in the racing field.  

How To Become A Mechanic: Education Requirements/Qualifications 

Is it hard to become a mechanic? It depends on what type of field you are looking to go into. Sure, you can learn how to become a mechanic without school, but you aren’t probably going to get your certifications without some level of learning.

Additionally, it can be challenging to learn how to become a mechanic with no experience unless you have an employer willing to help you out or you go to school to receive additional training.  

Typically, an auto mechanic starts with a high school diploma or the GED equivalent. To get certified, you also need to take some tests, so it is helpful to go to a trade school with an auto mechanic program that teaches you everything you need to know.

However, going to school is not necessary if you are diligent enough to teach yourself. There are plenty of online classes and free study guides you can learn from.  

Ideally, you will want to gain some experience, which can be done by finding an entry-level job, possibly one that offers employer training. At this point, you might be ready to deal with some of those certifications that will help you land better jobs.

You can choose certifications for brakes, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, steering, manual drivetrain and axles, suspension, electrical system, automatic transmission, and light vehicle diesel engines.  

If you take multiple certification tests, you can gain your ASE Certified Master Technician status, which helps you land some of the best jobs. Additionally, if you want to work for a specific manufacturer, say you want to learn how to become a BMW mechanic, you will need to take certifications particular to that brand.  

Some people wonder how hard is it to become a diesel mechanic? In general, it’s not any more difficult. You only have to take the certifications that are relevant to diesel engines instead of gasoline.  

The fastest way to become a mechanic is to get an entry-level job and get your feet wet. From here, you can choose to move on further if you want more qualifications.  

How To Become A Mechanic

Different Types Of Mechanics & The Requirements 

How to become a car mechanic 

You can start by getting an entry-level job and learning from the hands-on experience, or you can take classes and get your certifications for better job positions.  

How to become a motorcycle mechanic 

To work on bikes, you will need your high school diploma or GED plus some training with motorbike maintenance. It’s important to earn certifications and diplomas through your local community college or technical school. 

How to become a bus mechanic 

Not only will you want to have the standard requirements, but working on school and city buses will require that you understand DOT inspection requirements and any local regulations.  

How to become a diesel mechanic 

The diesel mechanic gets different training than the typical gas-focused technician. To work on diesel engines, you will want to get certified for the type you plan to work on.  

How to become a supercar mechanic 

To score this dream job, you will need a lot of experience. Start out with your entry-level position and keep working up until you prove yourself to be worthy of supercars.  

How to become a master mechanic 

To become a certified master mechanic, you will need to pass all of the corresponding tests as part of the exam. Once you earn this title, you will need to renew your certifications every few years.  

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Mechanic? 

What’s the cheapest way to become a mechanic? If you can find an entry-level job that will pay for your training, you might be able to move forward without any money. However, if you need to pay for training on your own, you could be looking at more than you planned.  

Online programs are typically $1,000 or less. You will also pay $5,000 or more if you plan to take a certification course. If you would rather go to college and get an associate’s degree, the cost could easily become $20,000 or more. Once that is all done, you will be responsible for paying the individual fees for each certification you plan to have.  

How To Become A Certified Mechanic At Top Automotive Companies  

When you work with certain companies, you might need different qualifications. Here are a few to consider.  

How to become a certified BMW Mechanic 

The BMW Step program makes it easy to learn how to become a BMW master mechanic. 

How to become a certified NASCAR Mechanic 

If you want to know how to become a NASCAR mechanic, you must first get your ASE certifications and become a Master Tech.  

How to become a certified Ford Mechanic 

If you want to know how to become a Ford mechanic, you must first get your ASE certifications. You can also attend a Ford Accelerated Training Program. If you plan to work on the Super Duty trucks, you will also need diesel certifications.  

How to become a certified Harley Mechanic 

Different schools offer programs helping you learn how to become a Harley certified mechanic. You will also need to understand the basics of bikes.  

How to become a certified Ferrari Mechanic 

It is a dream job to learn how to become a Ferrari mechanic, but this isn’t something you will earn without a lot of prior experience.  

How To Become A Certified Mechanic

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do car mechanics make good money? 

The auto mechanic salary averages at about $42,000 a year. However, mechanics deal with dirty conditions and put a lot of strain on their bodies to make this money.  

Is being a mechanic stressful? 

It can be stressful being a mechanic, especially when you are working long hours in a hot shop. Additionally, injuries from repetitive bodily stress can take a toll on older workers.  

Where do mechanics make the most money? 

Aircraft mechanics and those working on industrial machinery will make the most money. On average, the motorcycle and automotive mechanic make the least.  

Are car mechanics in demand? 

There is a constant turnover of mechanics in the automotive world. For this reason, it isn’t difficult to find a mechanic job if you have the right qualifications.  


Learning how to become a mechanic doesn’t take a lot of work, just dedication and the drive to go further. You can be working on cars for a living in no time, turning your hobby into a career.