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How Much Does A Tire Weigh?

In this guide, we answer how much a tire weighs for different sizes and vehicle types.

Tires are a vital part of the way a car rides and how it functions. However, tires come in all shapes and sizes, thereby affecting how much they weigh. How much does a tire weigh? It depends on what type of vehicle they are installed on. In this guide, we answer how much does a tire weigh in pounds?  

We also answer how much does a car tire and rim weigh, plus how much does a pickup truck tire weigh? 

How much does a monster truck tire weigh? You can figure it out by looking at the same materials as a passenger car tire. With any type of automotive tire, the materials are the same; just the weight is different. Here are a few of the materials you want to examine.  

Tire Casing

The casing of the tire makes up a good part of the weight. It is the construction of the tire itself, made up of the sidewall, body ply and bead. The bead refers to the wire strands that secure the tire to its wheel.

Body ply can be in one or two layers, made from nylon, rayon, or polyester. Additionally, the sidewall is a rubber compound that covers the tire on the side to prevent abrasion and add structural integrity.  

Belt System 

In a typical tire, there are two belts made from steel cords that lie at opposing angles. These belts are needed for stability to the tread and affect the handling.


The tire tread is made from a rubber compound in a special pattern. Tread is needed to provide abrasion resistance and grip on slippery surfaces.  

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How Much Does A Tire Weigh? (Sizes & Vehicles Compared)

Different Types Of Tires & Their Weights (Without Rim)

Passenger Car Tires 

How much does a tire weigh without a rim? The average car tire weighs around 27 pounds. The rim could easily add about thirty pounds to it. Therefore, if you want to know how much does a car tire weigh with the air and rim included, you could be looking at more than 60 pounds total. 

How much does a spare tire weigh? If it’s a full-size spare, it should weigh the same as your other tires. Figuring out how much does a 33-inch tire weigh requires you to look at what the other tires weigh. However, if the spare is a donut, it will weigh much less.  

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Truck Tires  

How much does a truck tire weigh? The majority of truck tires are around 19.5 and 22.5 inches. How much does a 19.5 tire weigh, or how much does a semi tire weigh? The weight will likely be a little more than fifty pounds each.

However, the rim can add a lot more weight, sometimes 200 pounds or more. How much does a fire truck tire weigh? It’s going to be similar in size and weight to the average semi-truck tire.

Motorcycle Tires 

How much does a motorcycle tire weigh? In general, the motorcycle tire is going to weigh around twenty pounds each. However, you can find motorcycle tires in a variety of sizes, normally ranging from 16 to 19 inches.

Figuring out how much does a 16-inch tire weigh is going to be different than the answer you find to how much does a 19-inch tire weigh? With the rim, you would have to add more weight depending on the material being used.  

Other Tires 

How much does a tractor tire weigh? Whether you are looking at lawnmower tires, golf car tires, trailer tires or ATV tires, the majority are going to weigh far less than what has been outlined above. Many of these could use a 15-inch tire or smaller. How much does a 15-inch tire weigh? It probably weighs between twenty and thirty pounds without the rim.  

There are also tires that are going to weigh much more than the average. How much does a Humvee tire weigh? Because it’s heavy-duty equipment, it’s going to have big beefy tires that are heavier than most. 

different types of tires

Tires According To Size: How Much Do They Weigh?

Figuring out tire weight requires that you examine the size and type of vehicle it is on. For example, the answer to how much does an 11r 24.5 tire weigh will be different from how much does a 17-inch tire weigh?

Tire Size (Inches) 

Tire Weight (Lbs) 

40 Inch Tire 

100 lbs

35 Inch Tire 

85 lbs

33 Inch Tire 

75 lbs

24.5 Inch Tire 

65 lbs

22.5 Inch Tire 

55 lbs

20.5 Inch Tire 

50 lbs

17 Inch Tire 

35 lbs

16 Inch Tire 

25 lbs

How Does Tire Weight Impact Vehicle Performance?

The tires make up the unsprung car weight. This weight refers to everything below the coils, including the rims and braking components. By reducing the unsprung weight, you lessen the load on the absorbers and coils.

This reduction leads to better tire performance because the rubber stays in contact with the road surface without any additional effort. That’s why performance-car drivers work to reduce unsprung weight.  

Common Tire Weight Questions Answered 

What is the heaviest weight a tire can support? 

Tires are rated by the load index. For example, a 0 load index states that the tire can handle up to 99 pounds, while the 150 load index shows the tire is capable of holding up to 7,385 pounds.  

How do I find the weight of my tire? 

You can find the weight in the manufacturer’s documentation about that tire type. If you are unsure, it’s best to speak with the tire shop that put the tires on or reach out to the manufacturer directly.  

How much do monster truck tires weigh? 

Monster truck tires can easily be 66 inches tall or more, towering over some full-grown adults. With this massive size, you can expect tire weight ranging up to 800 pounds each.  

How much does a tire and rim weigh? 

The rim can add twenty pounds to hundreds, depending on what material it is made of and how large it is. You would need to add the weight of the rim to the tire specifications to figure out the total.  


How much does a tire and wheel weigh? It depends on the size of the tire and rim. However, this guide should have helped you estimate the weight of both, giving you a better idea of the equipment on your vehicle.