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How Much Do Used Tires Cost?

If you need to replace tires on your vehicle, you might be wondering about the benefits of used tires. How much do used tires cost, and are used tires worth it?  

In this guide, we cover the cost of used tires near me. We also examine how much do 2 used tires cost versus how much does 4 used tires cost? 

How much should a used tire cost? The average cost of used tires depends on several criteria, such as what the original price of the tires was and how much tread is left on the used variety. Plus, the type of tire, its age, and the sidewall condition all play into the price.  

Finally, you need to think about the size and color, along with the delivery cost and the expense paid for mounting and balancing the tires.  

How Much Are The Used Tires (Average Cost) 

The average cost of a used tire will be between $25 and $150. To help you understand what affects the price, we look closer at a few of the most popular options.

How much do used winter tires cost?

You will spend on the higher side for winter tires, so figure on spending $75 to $150 per tire. 

How much does a used tire rim cost?

You may only spend $40 for a used rim, but these can quickly cost $200 or more if they are high-dollar rims. 

How much does the used Honda Civic tire cost?

Plan on spending $45 to $150 for the average used Civic tire. If you are looking for a high-performance variety, the used Honda Civic tires cost much more. 

What is the total cost of 4 used tires?

Based on our initial estimates, you can quickly answer how much do 4 used tires cost? Two tires might cost $50 to $300, while a complete set could run $100 to $600, on average. 

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Where Can You Buy Used Tires?  

Traditional Auto Shops 

The average auto repair shop might have some used tires lying around. Many of these come from customers that had new tires installed, so don’t expect them to have every size that’s needed. However, they might be able to get a set from another local company.  

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Online Seller 

Many online retailers will sell used tires. While low-cost used tires can be found on auction sites, such as eBay, you want to be aware of how much they cost to ship. If you can find a local seller, you could pick them up instead for a lower overall cost.  

Specialized Online Stores 

You can’t find the cost of used tires at Walmart because the chain store doesn't stock this option. However, there are plenty of online tire retailers that are happy to sell you used tires. So browse online for the cheapest option, but remember to factor in any shipping costs.  

Considerations When Buying Used Tires 

Date Code 

The date code is required by the United States government to show you the week and year that the tire was manufactured. The newer this date is, the more the tires are worth because they aren’t as susceptible to dry rot and failure.  

UTQG Rate 

The Uniform Tire Quality Grading is a system developed by the Department of Transportation. It helps you to understand the rate at which the tire will wear so that you can compare it with other available options.  

Tread Depth 

The more tread depth that is present, the longer the tire should last. If you are paying the same amount for a tire that has minimal tread depth compared with a newer one, you are not getting a good deal.  

Damages and Repairs  

You shouldn’t pay top dollar for any used tire that has suffered damage or has had repairs made to it. All of these will reduce its overall life, so you should pay less if you choose to go this route.  

Are Used Tires Safe? 

Is buying used tires worth it? If you are simply looking at the used tire cost, you might think so. This is even truer if you are examining the cost of used winter tires because these can be quite expensive when purchased new. However, as you look at whether used tires are worth it, you see that the money aspect is the only benefit. There’s no other advantage to buying used tires.  

There’s no way to guarantee that used tires are safe since the industry isn’t regulated. There could be internal damage to the tires that you aren’t aware of, even if the tread looks good. Plus, the tires could be old, making them more susceptible to a blowout.  

You also don’t know how the tires were taken care of. They could have been heavily under or overinflated, causing more wear than normal. How did the driver care for them? They might have driven full blast over potholes and down dirt roads, causing even more wear.  

For these reasons, it’s hard to recommend buying used tires, even considering the cost. How much does a used tire cost? A lot less than a new tire, but is it worth the potential danger? 

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How much is a set of old tires? 

It depends on what type of tires you purchase and the condition. Expect to pay around $100 to $600 for a complete set of four used tires, but this will be more if they are high-performance tires.  

How much does it cost to buy 1 tire? 

A used tire might cost $25 to $150. However, if you purchase a new tire, you will likely spend $50 to $200. With both options, you must factor in the cost of installation, balancing, and alignment.  

How long do used tires last? 

It depends on the condition of the tires. While they won’t last as long as new tires, you can find some decent options with plenty of tread and life left in them.  

How old should a tire be when you buy it? 

The new tire shouldn’t be older than 12 months when you purchase it. If you are looking at a used tire, you should opt for something five years old or newer. The total lifespan of most tires is only six to ten years. 

Can you just buy one tire? 

You can purchase one tire if you’ve had a problem. However, it’s best to keep the tires uniform for the best ride. If the other tires are wearing too, it might be time to change them all.  


How much does a set of used tires cost? You can expect to spend half or more of what you would spend on new tires. However, buying used tires isn’t often recommended, so carefully consider your options before making this decision.