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How Many Lumens Is A Car Headlight?

When it comes time to change the car headlight, you need to know what an appropriate replacement would be. How many lumens is a car headlight, and what type should you choose? In this guide, we look at a headlight lumens chart and answer your top questions, such as how many lumens are legal for headlights? 

The measurement of lumens shows visible light coming from a headlight or bulb. It describes how bright a light bulb actually is. It measures the brightness being emitted from the light source. Lumens are an important characteristic of the bulbs you should buy.  

The higher the lumens measurement, the brighter the bulbs are going to be. The opposite is true if the lumens measurement is lower. Low lumen ratings are going to be duller and not as bright.  

The car headlight lumens measurement is different from the Kelvin (K) measurement. Kelvin references the color temperature of the light. The lower the K rating is, the yellower the color becomes. On the other hand, a higher temperature means a natural sunlight, white color.  

You can choose bulbs with a high lumen rating and low Kelvin measurement or vice versa. The two are not intertwined with one another. Still, it would be best if you looked at both of them when choosing new bulbs. 

What Are Lumens

How Many Lumens Is A Car Headlight? (For Different Types Of Bulbs) 

LED Headlight 

How many lumens for LED headlights? Looking at a LED headlight lumens chart, you see that most of these bulbs produce a good amount of light. On average, you can expect 2,000 to 4,000 lumens for the headlights.  

As you do LED headlight lumens comparison, you will find some that offer an extreme amount of brightness. If you see a bulb kit that provides 10,000 lumens or more, you should run the other way. These aren’t going to provide that level of brightness because the headlight wiring and assembly cannot handle it. This is typically just false advertising that is meant to catch your eye.  

HID Headlight 

What’s the comparison between HID vs. LED headlights lumens? The HID lights are some of the most popular upgrades available. These aren’t just bright, but they consume less power than the halogen bulbs. In general, you can find Xenon or HID bulbs that will be around 3,000 lumens. These are comparable to LED bulbs as well.  

Some HID bulbs can light up the dark road so bright that it’s comparable to driving on the street during the daytime. Even though these will cost more than the halogen bulb, they are usually brighter, and they will last longer. So you could actually spend less money over time when you break it down by longevity.  

Halogen Headlight 

How many lumens is a halogen headlight? Usually, the halogen bulbs are going to produce a much lower beam than other types. In general, you can probably expect about 700 lumens when using the low beam and 1,200 lumens on the high beam. However, they can get brighter, even up to 1,600 or 1,700 lumens for the more expensive type.  

The halogen car headlight lumens are going to be lower than any other type. However, you won’t have to pay an excessive price to get the headlights, as they are the cheapest kind available. If you are working with a tight budget, you can choose the halogen bulb for now and upgrade later down the road.  

Standard (Normal) Headlight 

How bright is a car headlight in lumens? It depends on what type of car headlight you are using. For example, the answer might be different between how many lumens are stock Jeep headlights versus how many lumens is a 55w car headlight? 

If you have halogen headlights, the lumens are going to be lower than any other. You can generally expect these to be under 1,000 lumens. However, some cars come standard with HID or LED bulbs instead, especially if they are high-end, luxury models. If that’s the case, the stock headlight is going to be rated with much higher lumens.  

How Many Lumens Is A Car Headlight

Best Lumens For Car Headlights (Which Type Is Better?) 

How many lumens should headlights be? It’s all dependent on what your goals are and what you are hoping for. Obviously, the answer will be far different than how many lumens do I need for a bike headlight. If you opt for halogen bulbs, you can spend a lot less money, but the lumens aren’t going to compare. According to our headlight lumens comparison, the halogen bulbs usually produce far less than 1,000 lumens. 

How many lumens are headlights that are HID or LED? These are the brighter options when evaluating normal headlight lumens. Both of these could be considered the best lumens for car headlights. However, you might need to use a conversion kit if you are upgrading from halogen bulbs. Not all models allow for plug-and-play compatibility. You will also pay more for these bulbs.  

For now, the brightest legitimate lumens that you will find go up to 10,000 lumens. Anything over this isn’t real. However, there’s really no reason to go this high when picking out a new headlight bulb by lumens. You don’t need this strong of a beam to see at night. In fact, there’s also the headlight lumens legal limit to consider. It’s best to check local laws before you make any upgrades to your car headlights.  

Common Headlight Lumen Questions 

How many lumens is a motorcycle headlight? 

If the bulb is halogen, you can expect about 700 lumens from the low beam. However, the high beam lumens might be closer to 1200 lumens instead. You can find the specifications in the service manual.  

How many lumens is a Harley Davidson Daymaker headlight? 

If you want to upgrade the Harley LED headlight lumens, consider the benefits of the Daymaker. In some cases, the lumens measure 3,000 with the low beam and 4,800 lumens on high beam.  

How many lumens does a Jeep Wrangler stock headlight have? 

It depends on what model Jeep Wrangler you drive. In some cases, the low beam can measure 1,100 lumens, while the high beam is rated at 1,700 lumens, but you should reference the service manual to know for sure.  

How many lumens is a low beam headlight? 

According to our car headlight lumens chart, the lumens rating depends on what type of bulb you are using. Halogen bulbs will produce 1,000 lumens or less, while LED and HID can produce a much brighter beam.  


How many lumens for car headlights? It truly depends on what type you are using, with the rating anywhere from 700 to 10,000 lumens. Analyze your needs and evaluate what’s available for your car make and model to see what’s best. If you want a brighter headlight beam, it’s not difficult to upgrade.