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How Long Does A Patched Tire Last

In 2019, 612 people died in the United States because of tire-related crashes, according to the NHTSA. To avoid being a victim of the same outcome, you want to make sure that your tires are in proper condition.  

If you need to have a tire repair, you want the answer to – how long does a patched tire last. We discuss that answer and give you some valuable tips.  

The tire patch is a rubber piece that contains an adhesive backing that gets stuck to the puncture. They tend to be stronger than the tire plug but will also require some additional labor. There’s also the option to use a plug-patch combination for more support.  

However, it's not always OK to use a tire patch. You should never drive a leaking tire that could blow out. In some cases, it might be more appropriate to put a tire patch on just to get the vehicle to the local repair shop. Of course, it would always be better to put on a spare tire for safer travel, but time isn’t always accommodating. 

Next, you need to look at the extent of the damage. If the tire is cut, you will need to replace it because the steel cords could also be severed. However, a puncture that’s 1/4 of an inch or smaller and is a round hole, you might be able to patch it. Anything larger than that requires a replacement. 

Finally, you must examine the location of the damage. If the damage occurred to the tire tread between the outer grooves, you might be able to patch it. If the puncture occurred to the sidewall, you must replace the tire.  

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How Long Does A Patched Car Tire Last? 

How long does a tire patch last? It depends on where the damage occurred, how it is patched, and who performs the work. In general, the properly placed patch can last the lifetime of the tire. Of course, it's going to last longer when done by a qualified shop that has the right equipment and expertise. 

Does patching a tire last if you do it yourself? It might not last as long, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to complete the job professionally. How long can a patched tire last with subpar supplies? If you aren’t sure that you did a good job, you might want to have it looked at by your local tire shop, just to be sure it is going to hold up.  

Of course, patching your own tire is cheaper, but is that savings worth your safety? 

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How Long Can You Drive On A Tire Patch (Is It Safe & At What Speed?) 

Can I drive a long distance with a patched tire? If the tire was patched properly, you should have no trouble using it normally. You can continue driving at normal speeds and heading across your typical terrain.  

However, if the patch wasn't put on by a professional or it was added in an area of the tire where it shouldn't be, you don't want to drive on it. Also, if the patch were to come off while you were driving, the tire could lose all air suddenly, causing a blowout and accident while you are on the road.  

If you are ever unsure whether you should use the patched tire normally, it might be best to replace it. After all, your peace of mind and safety are priceless.  

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is patching a tire a permanent fix? 

The professional patched tire is considered a permanent fix when it is done properly. However, if you are doing the patch yourself with subpar materials, it might not last as long. 

How quickly does a tire patch dry? 

The tire patch can dry instantly. However, most manufacturers recommend waiting about thirty minutes to drive on the patch just to ensure everything has cured properly. You also want to fully inspect the tire before driving on it, making sure it isn’t leaking any air.  

How much does patching a tire cost? 

You shouldn’t spend more than about $25 to patch a tire. This simple fix doesn’t take a lot of time and only requires a small amount of material to complete. It’s much cheaper than replacing a tire.  

Is it better to patch or plug a tire? 

The plug is a better option if you have run over a small object, such as a nail. With the object removed, a plug can be put in the hole to block the air. However, the patch is considered a higher-quality repair in most circumstances.  


How long does a car tire patch last? It can last the lifetime of the tire when done by a professional. On the other hand, do tire patches last when done at home? They can if you use good materials and you have a fair amount of expertise. When in doubt, visit a tire shop for more guidance.