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How Long Do Motorcycle Tires Last?

With motorcycle safety being of grave importance, it's necessary to think about the tires you are using and their lifespan. How long do motorcycle tires last, and when should they be replaced?  

In this guide, we answer not only how many miles do motorcycle tires last but also how long do motorcycle tires last in years? 

How many years do motorcycle tires last? If you are merely looking at how long the tires can last before degrading, the answer is at least five years. Once motorcycle tires get this old, you want to have them checked often. If the tire lasts to ten years old, it’s time to get a new tire installed. Even if the tread depth is still acceptable, the tire integrity could be compromised.  

How many miles should a motorcycle tire last? It depends on the type of tire and how you drive it. In general, you can expect most motorcycle tires to last around 10,000 miles. Check the rating with the manufacturer to be sure.  

How long do motorcycle tires last in storage? If you are lucky enough to park your bike in storage and use a stand, the tires are going to last as long as possible. Without heat, UV rays, and other elements wearing away at the tire, you might get the full ten years from it.  

How long do motorcycle tires last when you are riding every day vs. weekends? The more you ride on the tires, the sooner they are going to wear. If you ride on weekends and can park the bike in a garage, you will dramatically extend the life of the tires.  

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How Old Can Motorcycle Tires Be and Still Drive Safely? 

How long do tires last on a motorcycle? If you haven't hit the mileage by five years and the tire still looks good, it's probably safe to drive on. However, to be safe, you should get regular tire inspections by a professional mechanic from this point on.  

However, once the tire reaches ten years old, it's best to get a new one. The tire integrity starts to degrade after this long, and it shouldn't be trusted. Also, most tires will only make it to ten years old if they were properly stored away from the elements, so it’s unlikely that you will get this far.  

Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of Motorcycle Tires 

Type & Quality Of Tires 

How long can motorcycle tires last? It depends on what type of tire you purchase. For example, the touring tire lasts longer than the racing tire. What is the longest-lasting motorcycle tire? In most cases, it is a touring or cruiser tire.  

Type & Performance Of The Bike 

How long will motorcycle tires last? It depends on how much your bike weighs and how it is used. Street bikes wear out tires faster than other kinds, while a light touring bike can retain tire tread better than others.  

The Rider’s Riding Habits 

How many miles does a motorcycle tire last? If you are aggressive on the street, you are going to wear tires faster. However, if you can be light on the throttle, you will extend the life of the tires.  

Road & Weather Conditions 

How many miles do motorcycle tires last? The hotter the climate is, the more the tires are going to heat up and wear. Additionally, the type of road you ride on can have a profound effect on the expected mileage.  

Storage & Maintenance 

How many miles should motorcycle tires last? If you are taking care of them and storing them properly, you can expect the longest life out of them. Follow some motorcycle tire maintenance tips to ensure they give you plenty of miles.  

The Tire Tread and Age 

Which motorcycle tires last the longest? You will always get more life from the tire that was just manufactured versus one that has been sitting at the tire shop. Check the date code on the side to ensure it’s a fresh tire.  

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Popular Motorcycle Tires & How Long They Last 

Michelin Motorcycle Tires  

How long do Michelin motorcycle tires last? It depends solely on what type you choose and how you use them. For example, owners of the Michelin Pilot Road 5 claim to easily get 12,000 miles out of the rear tire and more from the front.  

Cruiser Motorcycle Tires 

How long do cruiser motorcycle tires last? These tires are designed to hold a lot of weight, so they tend to last longer. In fact, the longest-lasting cruiser motorcycle tire might go 12,000 miles or more if it is properly taken care of.  

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires  

How long do Dunlop motorcycle tires last? Dunlop makes a variety of tires with varying lifespans, so it’s hard to put a number on the question - how many miles do Dunlop motorcycle tires last. However, if you are looking at a popular sport tire, such as the Dunlop Q3+, you may only get 3,000 miles out of it because of the soft rubber design.  

Touring Motorcycle Tires  

How long do touring motorcycle tires last? These tires are also designed to handle a lot of pressure and weight. Therefore, the longest-lasting touring motorcycle tires might last 10,000 miles or more. On the other hand, the longest-lasting sport-touring motorcycle tire is going to have a shorter life because it’s designed more for performance.  

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People Also Ask (FAQs)

How long do Harley tires last? 

The front tire might last twice as long as the rear tire, but you probably won’t get more than 10,000 miles out of either. Ask for the longest-lasting motorcycle tires if you ride a lot.  

Do I need to balance motorcycle tires? 

Yes, motorcycle tires should always be balanced. With unbalanced tires, the ride isn’t as smooth, and the tires will wear out prematurely. In the worst-case scenario, these tires can cause an accident.  

How much does it cost to change a motorcycle tire? 

You can expect to spend $25 to $150 for each motorcycle tire change. However, if you can perform the work yourself and have the right tools, you would only need to buy the tire.  


How long does a rear motorcycle tire last? It’s going to wear faster than the front tire. But, how long should motorcycle tires last? In general, you might get 10,000 miles out of a tire, depending on what type it is and how it is used.