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What Is A Dyno Tune?

If you are looking to increase vehicle performance, you want to know all about the dyno tune. What is a dyno tune and is it beneficial for your needs? Our guide covers what to expect from a dyno tune and the average cost of a dyno tune. 

What is a dyno tune for a car? With the help of a dynamometer, vital performance features can be measured on your vehicle or motorcycle. These measurements monitor the horsepower, torque, plus the air-fuel mixture in the engine. Then, adjustments are made to increase performance.  

There are several reasons you might consider getting a dyno tune performed on your vehicle. The most important reason is to measure the output accurately, so you can make adjustments that increase the horsepower and torque. That’s why you often see dyno tune in motorsports; to give a competitive edge to the car’s performance.  

Additionally, a dyno tuned vehicle can offer several other benefits, including: 

  • Reduced backfires 
  • Increased driveability once modifications have been installed 
  • Increased power output 
  • Faster and stronger acceleration 

There’s another benefit that many people don’t think about. After spending the cost to get a car dyno tuned, you might spend less on maintenance or repairs. With a perfectly optimized engine, it's possible that the motor won't have to work as hard to push out the same level of performance. With the engine running at maximum levels of efficiency, it might last longer, and you won't have to perform as much care.  

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Dyno Tuning Checklist 

Before you have your vehicle tuned, you want to get it ready. All of the systems should be in great working condition to ensure the best outcome. If there are any mechanical defects, you want to have them fixed first. 

Before you get started, make sure these parts are in optimal condition. If not, replace them. 

  • Spark Plugs 
    This valuable part is needed to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.
  • Filters
    Check the air, fuel, and oil filters.
  • Fluids 
    All of the fluids should be fresh and topped off. There should be no leaks in the systems.
  • Belts/Hoses 
    Make sure nothing is torn or worn.
  • Tires 
    The tires are going to be moving on the dyno rollers, so they must be in good condition for traction and support. 

By ensuring all of these systems are ready to go, you get the most out of the custom dyno tune cost. 

When Should You Dyno Tune Your Car? 

Before you make any modifications, you want to use the dyno tuner. This simple step ensures you have a base point to go from when looking at how well the modifications have performed. After each modification, you can also look at the dyno tuning measurements again to see how big of a difference each made. You can also use the dyno tuner to tweak settings to further enhance performance. These tweaks can be made whenever you want, but you will have to pay someone to do it unless you find a dyno tuner for sale. 

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What To Expect From A Dyno Tune? (Benefits To Your Car) 

What does a dyno tune do and how long does it take? When you schedule a dyno tuning appointment with a local shop, you can expect the vehicle to be on the rack for two to four hours. However, the shop might need the vehicle longer than that, depending on what else they have going on.  

After the dyno tune, you can expect more optimized performance. The car should respond quicker to acceleration, and it should push out more horsepower for a thrilling ride. How much horsepower does a dyno tune add? In general, you can expect a 10-15% increase in horsepower, depending on what type of car and engine you have.  

How Much Does A Dyno Tune Cost? 

How much does it cost to dyno tune a car? In general, you might spend $350 to $850 to tune the car. However, the dyno tune cost depends on where you take the vehicle and what type of car you have. It’s possible that the 350Z dyno tune cost could be widely different than the dyno tune cost for a Mustang. We encourage you to call around but don't necessarily choose the shop with the lowest price.  

Frequently Asked Dyno Tune Questions 

How much does a 350Z dyno tune cost? 

You can perform your own dyno tune with a rented machine. If you want to do it yourself, expect to pay around $100 per hour for the machine, making your total cost around $200 to $400.  

How much does the Dyno tuning of a Ford Mustang cost? 

You could pay $500 or more for the first dyno tuning session. Then, after each modification, you might spend another $100 for the re-tune. Plus, you want to work with someone that is familiar with Mustang vehicles.  

Can you dyno tune a stock car? 

You can dyno tune the stock car, but is it going to be worth the cost? Unfortunately, in most cases, you aren't going to get enough out of the stock car to make it worth the expense.  

Will a dyno tune void my warranty? 

The Magnuson-Moss Act states that aftermarket modifications can’t void the warranty unless it creates the damage. By tweaking engine performance, you could easily break something that would have to be paid for out of pocket. 


What’s a dyno tune and when should you dyno tune your car? When you look at the pro dyno tune cost, you know that it’s not something you want to do often, but it is helpful for optimizing vehicle performance. Tweak your car engine and enjoy the ride even more.