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Can You Plug A Motorcycle Tire?

In this guide, we answer can you plug a motorcycle tire and show you how to do it in a detailed step-by-step guide.

If there's a small hole in your tire, you might want to have it plugged. But, can you plug a motorcycle tire, and is it difficult to do? In this guide, we answer - should you plug a motorcycle tire?  

We will also provide some tips, including how to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire, to ensure maximum on-road safety. 

Is it safe to plug a motorcycle tire? While you can plug these tires, the question arises - is plugging a motorcycle tire safe? Most of the time, it’s best to only drive a short distance on a plugged motorcycle tire.  

Can you put a plug in a motorcycle tire? Yes, but don’t count on it as a permanent solution. Instead, just use the plug to get to the local tire shop for a proper repair or replacement.

Can you plug a front/rear motorcycle tire? Absolutely, the plug can be used in the front or rear tire equally. 

Can you plug a tubeless motorcycle tire, and is it safe to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire? You can only plug a tubeless tire if the small puncture is in the center of the tread. Otherwise, the plug will not work. 

Can you plug tubed motorcycle tires? No, tubed tires are not meant to be plugged. Instead, you must remove the tire from the rim and the tube from the tire. From here, you can patch the hole.  

Can you safely plug a motorcycle tire? If you are plugging an appropriate-sized hole in a compatible location, then the plug is completely safe for a short distance. However, this is never intended as a permanent solution. You should still have the tire looked at by a professional.  

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Types Of Motorcycle Tire Plugs 

  • Self-Vulcanizing Tire Plugs  
    This type of tire plug is also known as a string or worm tire plug. They contain a rubber strip that’s coated with glue that chemically reacts when it hits the puncture hole. The rubber materials turn into a chain that binds together firmly, becoming one.  
  • String With Rubber Cement  
    There’s another kind of rubber tire plug that isn’t self-vulcanizing. In fact, this string comes with its own rubber cement that needs to be applied to the string before applying it. Then, you must wait until the cement dries before you can ride it.  
  • Mushroom Plugs  
    The mushroom plug features a rubber shaft that resembles a mushroom on one end. By pushing the mushroom tip into the tire, there’s a better seal created around the hole. Many manufacturers only recommend using these for up to 100 miles at 50 mph or less.  

How To Plug A Motorcycle Tire (DIY Install Guide)

Can I plug a motorcycle tire? For most brands, you need to know how to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire. Start by gathering these supplies. 

  • Plug kit, including a rasp, needle tool 
  • Rubber cement (depending on the type) 

With your tools in hand, follow these steps for plugging a motorcycle tire. 

  1. 1
    Make the hole slightly bigger with the rasp. Yes, you need to get it bigger, so it’s a normal size for the plug to fit. 
  2. 2
    Use the needle tool to put the string plug into the hole. It should go through the hole halfway. If you are using rubber cement, make sure you apply it before pushing the plug into the hole. 
  3. 3
    Pull out the needle tool, leaving behind the plug. 
  4. 4
    You can trim the excess down or ride around until it wears down; it’s your choice.  

Now that you know how to plug a motorcycle tire, you need to reinflate it. Check the appropriate PSI from the manufacturer and inflate the tire until it reaches that level. If you have a small pump or tubes of CO2 with you, these are helpful.

Otherwise, you might need to limp the bike to the nearest gas station. However, you should never do this on a completely flat tire. 

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How Long Do Tire Plugs Last On Motorcycle Tires?

Is it ok to plug a motorcycle tire? Yes, you can plug the motorcycle tire, but it's never meant as a permanent solution. Your tire isn't meant to work right with a hole in the structure, and the plug only offers a minimal amount of support until you can properly replace it.  

While the tire plug might work, for now, most people agree that you shouldn’t travel more than 100 miles and you should take the speeds much slower. Take your bike to the nearest tire repair shop for professional help.  

Plugs Vs Patches: Which is Safer For Motorcycle Tires?

It’s completely safe to plug a motorcycle tire temporarily. However, these should only be used on small holes that are in the tread of the tire. You will quickly see the benefits of this option if you read a "plugging a motorcycle tire forum." Users often comment how it's easy to carry a plug with them for emergencies, and the option keeps them from being stranded. For this reason, plugs are a fantastic option. 

However, the tire patch is a more permanent solution for your damaged motorcycle tire. It will cost more to have a patch installed, and there are some times when only a replacement will do. Your professional tire shop will lead you in the right direction.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you repair a motorcycle tire with a plug? 

If the tire is repairable, the service center will be able to patch it even after you put a plug in the hole. However, if the hole is too big or in a bad location, it might need to be replaced.

How long should you wait after plugging a motorcycle tire to ride? 

Most plug kits allow you to ride right away. However, if you are using rubber cement, it needs at least 15 minutes to harden after the application.  

When should you not plug a motorcycle tire? 

If the damage has been done to the sidewall, a plug should not be used. Additionally, there must be plenty of tire tread left to support the plug.  

Do you have to remove the motorcycle tire to plug it? 

The tire does not need to be removed to plug it. You can accomplish the fix with it still located on the bike. However, the tire shop might need to remove it for a permanent fix.


Can you plug a motorcycle tire? Absolutely, but it's only meant as a temporary solution. Do not continue driving on the plugged tire, or you could end up creating more severe damage and might cause an accident if the tire blows out.