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Can Car Batteries Explode?

Yes they can! We look at the most common causes & what you can do to prevent it and deal with it.

Car batteries can explode - true or false? If you’ve been asking, can car batteries explode, the simple answer is yes. To avoid this dangerous situation, you need to take vital safety steps when dealing with automotive batteries.

We look at the causes of this problem and show you what to do if your car battery explodes. 

Normal Operation, Overcharging And Faulty Systems

Can a car battery explode if overcharged? Yes, overcharging the car battery is one of the leading causes of explosions. Overcharging creates an abundance of gases, leading to more danger.

That's why you need to know how long it takes to charge a battery. If you have an overcharged battery, the voltage will read high and you might notice the case start to bulge.  

External Sources Of Ignition 

If the battery terminals, corroded cables, or loose battery connections come in contact with ignition sources, there could be an explosion. Flames, cigarettes, and static sparks can all create enough energy to start an explosion. Sparks can also be caused when metal objects touch or when there is an electrical short.  

Engine Starting 

When you start your car engine, a load is placed on the battery. If it isn’t operating correctly, it could trigger some sort of explosion. However, this isn’t going to happen with a healthy battery. It would only be possible if there was some plate corrosion or the battery was reaching its end of life.  

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect can create a battery with a short circuit. Some defects that occur include an incorrect connection to the internal terminal post that creates arching or inter-cell welds that are corroded that leads to a reduction of electrical current, which turns into higher temperatures.   

Poorly maintained Batteries 

What makes a car battery explode? Sometimes, it is as simple as poor maintenance. The electrolyte levels in a battery can fall, leaving the top of the battery plates exposed, creating more corrosion. With regular care and by cleaning car battery corrosion, you can reduce the chances of an explosion occurring.   

Batteries Nearly Ending Its Life 

Knowing when a car battery should be replaced helps you avoid potential problems. As the battery ages, grid corrosion along with degradation of the electrolyte can create an imbalance that puts it at risk for an explosion.  

Can Car Batteries Explode

Preventing Car Battery Explosions (Safety Considerations) 

Why would a car battery explode? Understanding the above causes can help you navigate proper battery care. To stay safe, work with car batteries in a well-ventilated area and ensure there are no ignition sources nearby.  

Additionally, you should regularly inspect the battery case for signs of damage. It's also helpful to look over the cables, terminals, connections, clamps, and screws. If you notice anything is worn, you want to replace it right away.  

During your inspection, look at the battery hold downs to ensure they are still capable of securing the battery. You can also check the electrolyte levels and top them off when needed.

When charging the battery, make sure you don’t leave it connected too long. You might consider using a battery maintainer that shuts itself off when a full charge is achieved. To test the battery, keep a high-quality voltmeter on hand so you can check voltage levels.

Steps To Take When A Car Battery Explodes  

What happens if a car battery explodes? There are various steps you need to take depending on your situation.

If the car battery exploded while charging, you want to clean up the mess immediately. You should avoid any direct contact with the acid and neutralize any spills with baking soda. 

You may also need to clean up the charging equipment if the car battery explodes during charging. 

How bad is a car battery explosion? In some cases, it can get into your eyes and on your skin. If the car battery exploded in your face, flush the eyes immediately with lukewarm water.

Do this for thirty minutes while the eyes remain open. If, after flushing, the irritation persists, you need to seek medical attention at your local emergency room. 
Additionally, you should flush any skin that has been exposed to the acid. If irritation persists, you should also seek help from your local ER. 

Can Electric Car Batteries Explode

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What causes an RV battery to explode? 

An RV battery operates the same way as your car battery. It is subject to explosion if it is damaged, overcharged, or getting old. Follow the same precautionary steps to ensure safety.  

Can a leaking car battery explode? 

Yes, the leaking acid can come in contact with an ignition source and cause an explosion. If your car battery is leaking fluid, you should replace it immediately.  

Can a car battery explode if jumped improperly?  

Yes, the car battery is sensitive to the amount of voltage and power it receives. If the charge is incorrect or it becomes overcharged, it can explode.  

At what temperature do car batteries explode? 

Batteries are made to reach 1,000 degrees internally. Once the battery heats up that much, the flammable electrolytes inside ignite when exposed to the air. However, battery faults, corrosion, and wear can cause the battery to explode at much lower temperatures.  

Can electric car batteries explode? 

EV batteries contain just as many hazardous materials as car batteries, except there are more lithium-ion cells. When these batteries are worked on, they have a tendency to explode when not handled properly.  


What happens when a car battery explodes? You face serious danger, affecting both your well-being and your vehicle. That’s why you want to avoid having a battery that explodes by following our vital safety steps.