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Best Escort Radar Detectors Reviewed

We have reviewed and compared the best Escort radar detectors on the market. Here are the top-rated models for this popular brand.

As radar detectors become more popular, it’s no surprise that more and more brands have entered the marketplace.

After all, these novel devices are excellent when it comes to detecting and alerting a driver to the presence of a police speed scanner. While many brands have tried to raise their standard of performance in recent years, only one brand has managed to remain on cutting edge of radar detector technology, year after year – Escort.

In many ways, Escort is one of the most trusted brands in the radar detector industry today. Their products are always able to pick up a full range of radar bands while still filtering out numerous false alarms.

The Escort brand is also known for making their units entirely affordable to committed drivers.

But Escort currently offers numerous models, all of which would make a worthy addition to your vehicle. This guide will help you compare each model and contrast them based on their key features.

This guide will also help you understand what to look for in a quality radar detector so that you can understand Escort's top-tier status on your own.

First and foremost, Escort is one of the most seasoned brands in the industry. They have over 40 years of experience in this field, which has allowed them to design and implement many of the important features we take for granted today. Despite all of that experience, Escort never upcharges for their radar detectors. Most are priced reasonably compared to the numerous beneficial features they provide.

There are plenty of other radar detector brands to choose from, of course. Many drivers in the US and abroad like their Cobra, Whistler, or Beltronics unit just fine. But none of those brands have the awards to back up their reputation, as Escort does. They’ve earned the coveted 2019 Autoweek Reader’s Choice Top Pick for Best Radar Detector Brand. That’s a testament to their continued commitment to creating quality radar detection technology.

Escort Radar Detector Comparison Table 


Band Detection

Corded or Cordless


Detection Range

False Alert Filtering

Check Price

Escort MAX 360c Laser Radar Detector –...

X, K, KA, Laser


Highway, Auto, Auto No X, Auto Lo K, Meter, Arrow, Advanced, Novice



Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum Bundle Laser...

X, K, KA, Laser


Highway, Auto, Auto No X



ESCORT Max 360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS,...

X, K, KA, Laser


Highway, Auto, Auto No X, meter



Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector - Extended...

X, K, KA, Laser


Highway, Auto, Auto No X, Auto Lo K, Meter, Advanced, Novice



Escort Redline EX Laser Radar Detector -...

X, K, KA, Laser


Dark, Novice, Advanced, Highway, Auto, Auto No X, Auto Lo K



ESCORT MAX II - Radar Laser Detector, Auto...



Auto, Auto NoX or Highway



Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector –...

X, K, KA, Laser



360 degrees


Escort Radar Detector Features

Real Time Alerts

This feature allows the detector to respond quickly to and alert the driver as the intensity of a detected radar band changes. In effect, these real time alerts allow a driver to know if they are getting closer or farther from a signal's origins.

False Alert Filtering

Many other radar-based devices (such as some car’s proximity sensors) output on detectable bands. These can lead to false alarms that can bother a driver and prevent them from knowing when a legitimate speed radar signal is nearby. This kind of filter prevents those false alarms from clogging up a detector’s “view.”

Long Range Detection

As its name suggests, this kind of detection can exceed the industry average when it comes to range. “Long distance” does vary by radar band, though, given that they each travel different distances before fading out. Long range may also imply a unit’s ability to “see” around obstacles, such as corners or hills.

Multi-Band Detection

Usually, this feature describes a unit’s ability to search out multiple kinds of radar at once. This effectively gives you a better chance of detecting a law enforcement officer early, even if you don’t know what kind of radar they use in advance.

Built-in GPS

With GPS, a radar detector may be able to create an internal map that accounts for different detection environments. So, if one area causes too many false alarms, a built-in GPS can be set to ignore that stretch of road.

Stealth Technology

This brand’s cloaking technology makes it far harder for a law enforcement official to detect your use of a radar detector in advance. Most Escort models that include this are rated to hide a vehicle’s use of a radar detector from the “view” of most modern radar detector detectors.

Smartphone/Wi-Fi Connectivity

To facilitate software updates, some radar detectors are Wi-Fi compatible. This allows them to link up with many smartphones via the Escort Live app. This app is designed to visualize a unit’s built-in GPS as well as provide information about user-sourced detection areas (including red light cameras).

General Radar Detector Key Features

Sensitivity and Selectivity

When it comes to radar detectors, you want to find a highly sensitive model. This quality will increase the unit's effective range and allow you to have more advance notice of a nearby law enforcement official. Some high-end units are even sensitive enough to pick up a faint or off-axis signal, thus creating an even greater coverage area.

However, at the same time, you should ensure that your chosen unit is also very selective. In other words, your detector should be able to differentiate between a speed radar signal and a “false” signal from an unrelated source, such as a garage door opener. Some units even include special modes that allow you to be more productively selective against a certain radar band.

Detection Range and Signal Bands

A radar detector’s “range” can refer to the physical distance at which it can pick up a signal. However, it most often refers to the number of signal bands that the unit can detect. Law enforcement officials may use speed sensors with any of the following radar band types, so be sure to choose a unit that includes all 4:

  • X
  • K
  • Ka
  • Laser

It is worth noting that each of these bands also has a different detection range of their own. Some bands can only be detected from about a ½ mile away, while others can be picked up at as far as 2 miles away. This physical range also depends on the presence of obstructions, such as a building or a hill.

Updated Database

If your radar device is designed to tap into a GPS system, then you should also check how often its database is updated. This is because the maps in that system may go out of date, especially if your unit comes un-updated out of the box.

In many cases, these systems are designed to update whenever they connect to Wi-Fi, though. These updates are provided through crowdsourcing, thus allowing you to know the location of every speed trap and red light camera.

Mounting Style/Location

Even with audio alerts enabled, you should be able to view and adjust your radar detector without taking your eyes off the road. As such, it is best to pick out a unit that can be easily mounted in a location within reach. Often, this is accomplished with suction cup-style mounts that allow you to mount the detector on your vehicle's windshield. Don't forget the unit's screen, too, which should be fully readable, even in the daytime.

Price & Warranty

Don't forget to keep your eyes out for a reasonable price on your next radar detector. Recent competition in this field has driven down prices on average, but that hasn’t stopped some online sellers from up-charging buyers like you.

Your best bet is to shop around and find an online retailer that offers discounted shipping. Be sure to factor in the value of a warranty when comparing units as well, given that they can pay for themselves if your unit fails to meet expectations.

7 Best Escort Radar Detectors Reviewed

1. Escort MAX360C

Escort MAX 360c Laser Radar Detector –...
1,257 Reviews
Escort MAX 360c Laser Radar Detector –...
  • BUILT IN WIFI - The first of radar detectors...
  • 360 DEGREE PROTECTION - Forward and rear...
  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - Radar detection...
  • ESCORT LIVE APP - Know what lies on the road...

“As first time user I’m thrilled that I made the purchase. The radar works wonderful.” – Robert N., 5-Star Review

If you were to ask me about the best Escort radar detector right now, I’d probably tell you about the Escort MAX360c. This model is fresh off the line from this trusted brand and has all the hallmarks of becoming a new go-to model for drivers who want high-end performance. Case and point – this model’s 360-degree protection range. In other words, you’ll be able to see on screen what direction a radar is coming from because this unit detects in all four cardinal directions at once.

The Escort MAX360c tech features are also a significant step forward for this brand. That includes this model’s use of AutoLearn technology. In practice, this feature utilizes GPS intelligence and IVT filtering to prevent false alarms from the moment you turn it on. The Escort MAX360c also connects to the Escort Live app with ease, allowing you to always keep that GPS up to date. Now that I think of it, this may be one of the best Escort radar detectors with Wi-Fi connectivity as well!

2. Escort Passport 9500iX

On Sale Today
Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum Bundle Laser...
1,280 Reviews
Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum Bundle Laser...
  • Long range protection with early warnings &...
  • Fewer false alerts & GPS enabled with...
  • Bluetooth Smart power cord connects easily!...
  • Real-time protection with award winning app...

“This is the third one of these we have purchased, one for each vehicle. Love them.” – Irene P., 5-Star Review

Next up is the Escort Passport 9500iX, which has long been considered one of the best options for long range detection. That’s because this model can detect a super-wide Ka and POP band, both of which can travel a significant distance from its source. This model also includes off-axis protection, which can pick up trace waves from radar signals that would otherwise be degraded by an obstruction. As a result, this detector is a pro when it comes to “seeing” around corners.

When paired with the Escort Live smartphone app, the Escort Passport 9500iX begins to shine. That's because it can provide real-time ticket protection by tapping into this brand's Defender network. This collection of crowdsourced data can help supplement the detector's ability to single out a new radar signal and provide you with as much warning time as possible. That's an impressive feat, too, given that this model only costs around $300 at the moment.

3. Escort MAX360

ESCORT Max 360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS,...
2,637 Reviews
ESCORT Max 360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS,...
  • Escort raises the bar once again by adding...
  • Unmatched detection - Escort Max 360's front...
  • Rich data plus the power of community -...
  • Unmatched precision - Escort's Max 360's five...

“Recently upgraded to the Max360 from a 9500. Quality and dependability have always been part of any Escort I have owned.”– Stephen P., 5-Star Review

While this line of products was recently upgraded, the Escort MAX360 remains an excellent option for folks who want to get the best of what this brand has to offer. That includes this unit’s True Digital Signal Processing, which has been hailed for its ability to allow near-instant alerts as soon as a radar signal is detected. This kind of processing even handles obstacles fairly well, making the Escort MAX360 one of the best Escort radar detectors with fast response time.

But of course, speed isn't everything when it comes to a radar detector. The Escort MAX360 knows that because it also has some brains to back up its brawn. This can be seen in its Intelligent Speed Sensitivity system. When properly adjusted, this system allows for in-the-moment filtering of false flag signals. That includes avoidance system and adaptive cruise control radar signals, which have previously set off even some of the most expensive models from competing brands.

4. Escort IXC

On Sale Today
Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector - Extended...
1,304 Reviews
Escort IXC Laser Radar Detector - Extended...
  • Connected Car Compatible - Creates crowd...
  • Auto Learn Technology - Radar detection...
  • Escort Live App - Know what lies on the road...
  • Clear Voice Alerts - Unique voice warnings...

“Traded in my old 8500 for the iXc. The new feature of blocking out frequencies from newer cars is great.” – Bill G., 5-Star Review

Here's another popular model for your consideration – the Escort IXC. In many ways, this model has become the standard unit that is looking to try out this brand's products for the first time. The Escort IXC makes that easy to do, given that it comes with both a novice and an advanced user mode by default. At the same time, this model’s inclusion of AutoLearn technology ensures that a new user can focus on the road, rather than fiddling with the unit’s settings.

The Escort IXC OLED display is also one of the easiest to read, which makes it user-friendly by nature. In fact, it's able to tackle the problem of low visibility during the daytime by allowing you to quickly flip between red, green, and blue mode to change this display's illumination. With that increased visibility, you'll easily be able to read any number of this unit's pre-programmed alerts. These include an "over speed limit" alert and a cruise alert.

5. Escort RedLine Ex

Escort Redline EX Laser Radar Detector -...
151 Reviews
Escort Redline EX Laser Radar Detector -...
  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - Radar detection...
  • NATIONAL COVERAGE - With thousands of...
  • ESCORT LIVE APP - Know what lies on the road...

“Very impressed with the range and the stealth feature. I had 2 custom installs previously and the Redline will match and exceed expectations.” – Bob K., 5-Star Review

At first glance, you might feel like the Escort RedLine Ex looks more technical than an average user can handle. There’s some truth to that, given that this model’s numerous specialized settings are more suited to an experienced user. But still, this unit has a lot to offer anyone who wants to invest in it. This includes its dual antenna design, which almost entirely eliminates detection blind spots, regardless of what signal bands you are currently searching for.

You'll also be surprised to learn that the Escort RedLine Ex is considered the stealthiest Escort radar detector on the market today. This is primarily a result of one important new feature yet unseen in any other radar detector. It's known as TotalShield, and it takes detection prevention to a whole new level. In essence, this technology prevents a police officer from knowing that you’re using radar detection almost entirely. When used properly and legally, this feature can ensure that your privacy is always maintained while on the road.

6. Escort MAX II

ESCORT MAX II - Radar Laser Detector, Auto...
608 Reviews
ESCORT MAX II - Radar Laser Detector, Auto...
  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - Radar detection...
  • ESCORT LIVE APP – Connecting via Bluetooth,...
  • CLEAR VOICE ALERTS - Unique voice warnings...
  • SPEEDALERT - The MAX II provides all of the...

“This is my 4th Escort Radar. Have 1 in every car, needless to say, I keep coming back for more! Excellent quality, service!” – Edgar V., 5-Star Review

For whatever reason, the Escort MAX II has dropped in popularity in recent years. This is frankly a shame, given that it is easily the best Escort radar detector for the money. Priced at right around $280, you get many of the brand’s top features without paying as high a premium. For example, this model includes a simplified version of Escort’s famous AutoLearn technology. It also allows for quick software and database updates through Bluetooth pairing with the Escort Live smartphone app.

Of course, the Escort MAX II also has some unique features to call its own. This includes voice and text alerts that can be output in both English and Spanish. This unit also includes a more reliable back up method for updating its software via a USB cable to a PC. The Escort MAX II’s anti-falsing technology is also fairly respectable, all things considered. While it may not be nearly as selective as the more expensive Escort units, it is definitely more reliable than other radar detectors in its price range.

7. Escort Passport 8500 X50

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector –...
2,891 Reviews
Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector –...
  • Stay Informed - During an alert the 8500X50...
  • AutoSensitivity – Based on speed route and...
  • Clear Audible Alerts - Allows hands free...
  • Ultra Fast Protection - The Passport 8500 X50...

“This product is excellent...This detector is extremely accurate and is great at picking up cops on the side of the road.” – 96agreene, 5-Star Review

When it comes to trying out a radar detector for the first time, I can understand a desire to stay within budget. After all, you can always upgrade when you feel more comfortable with the practice of using a radar detector. To start, you may want the best budget Escort radar detector you can find, which will likely be the Escort Passport 8500 X50 this humble unit costs only around $175 and still manages to provide instant lock-ons for K, KA, and X bands.

This model also makes use of a “V-Tuned” receiver system. In practice, this component increases its overall detection range well beyond that of other radar detectors under $200. While this model may not include that many modes, it does include built-in AutoSensitivity that allows it to adjust according to your environment. It can also filter out the many false alarms that occur in cities thanks to its Traffic Sensor Rejection system.

How to Install Escort Radar Detectors

Installing your new Escort radar detector will vary from model to model. That being said, most of their popular models make use of their suction cup-based mounting system. This allows you to simply stick it on your windshield just as you would with a GPS unit. From there, you simply need to slide the unit into the attachment point, plug the unit in, and you’ll be ready to roll.

 To get a better visualization of this process, check out this video.

How to Effectively Use Radar Detectors

Using a radar detector effectively can take some practice, particularly when it comes to adjusting your unit’s sensitivity. However, you’ll find that most modern units lower this curve on your behalf. If it is available, start by using the “Novice” mode while you learn how your unit operates. From there, you’ll be able to populate your detection map until your regular commutes are properly adjusted to the area’s radar bands.

This guide can also provide you with more useful tips on this front.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Will an Escort radar detector last a long time?

In most cases, yes. Radar detectors are not known to “wear out” when it comes to signal detection capabilities. In all likelihood, the electric components of a radar unit are more likely to wear out first. That being said, Escort models are durable both inside and out. As such, they can often last for 5-10 years or more, based upon their use frequency.

Which type of vehicles can I install my Escort detector?

You can install most Escort detectors into any vehicle with a 12V DC outlet, also known as the “cigarette lighter port.” This is because most of their corded models rely on this port for power. Other than that, Escort detectors don’t have any other specific compatibility requirements for their basic operations.

Is it legal to use radar detectors?

In most cases, it is legal to use a radar detector in the United States. However, there are exceptions to this general allowance. For example, the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia entirely prohibit their use or installation. Meanwhile, all US military basis forbid the use of radar detectors on or near their locations.

Beyond this, some states only prohibit their use in commercial vehicles over a certain weight. Illinois, New York, and New Jersey all prohibit radar detector use on these grounds. Also, some states indirectly prohibit any windshield-based attachments, which often includes radar detectors due to their mounting location.

What is the newest Escort radar detector?

The Escort Max 360c is one of the brand's latest models. It features many improvements over the basic Max 360 model, which already set the bar high for detection performance. One notable addition to this unit is its 360-degree detection range that utilizes front and back antennas. This model also utilizes this brand’s new AutoLearn technology, which allows it to use GPS and auto-filtering components in perfect harmony.

How far can a radar detector reach?

A radar detector’s range will depend on several factors, including which radar band your unit is searching for. Some can detect as close as ½ mile away and some up to as far as 2 miles away. However, any advertised range may not factor in physical obstructions, which can interrupt a detector's ability to pick up on an incoming radar signal.

What does “K" and "Ka” mean on a radar detector?

"K" and "Ka" are two types of radar signals used by law enforcement officials to identify a vehicle's speed at a distance. Though each band has a different detection range, each is routinely able to be picked up by a quality radar detector. If you see this in a unit’s specifications, it means that your chosen unit can detect two of the most common modern radar types.


If it weren’t already clear, then you should know fully understand that Escort is a brand you can trust when it comes to radar detectors. Their current line of products is the very best in the industry, so they are entirely worth the investment. Even if they do cost a bit more than average, their numerous features and overall reliability mean that they’ll keep your privacy on the road safe for many years to come.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a favorite among Escort’s current range of radar detectors. In fact, I’m still very partial to the Escort MAX360C. As one of their newest models, you can bet that this unit is packed with innovations that allow it to achieve a reliably maxed out detection range. It also comes with great auto-learning tools that allow it to get up to speed (no pun intended) with minimal user input.