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Average Cost of Painting a Tonneau Cover

Can’t find a tonneau cover in the color you wanted? Why not paint it. We review the average cost to paint a tonneau cover and discuss what you should know.

What do you do if you buy a tonneau cover, but it’s not exactly the color you hoped for?

In some cases, you could paint it. What is the average cost to paint a tonneau cover and should you do it?

We review what the average cost to paint a tonneau cover is and discuss what you should know.  

Painted tonneau covers for pickup trucks offer a luxurious and stylish touch to your truck bed. You can customize the truck cover in any style you desire, allowing your pickup to look different than everyone else’s. Additionally, the painted tonneau covers for trucks might increase the durability and UV protection. 

You can also wax a hard tonneau cover, which might reduce the drag of the truck while improving the appearance. The already painted tonneau cover typically costs less than if you attempt to upgrade later, so it’s something to consider as you make a purchase.  

Can You Paint A Tonneau Cover Yourself

Which Types Of Tonneau Covers Can Be Painted? 

Can you paint tonneau covers? If so, can all of them be painted, or is it only a few that you can add paint to? In general, it is much easier and wiser to paint a hard tonneau cover.

The paint might not adhere properly to a soft tonneau cover, plus the material is meant to move and be flexible, which could cause cracking with the graphics. Instead of painting these types of truck bed covers, you might find it is easier to apply a vinyl decal instead 

Can You Paint A Tonneau Cover Yourself? 

If you want the best painted tonneau cover, you may not want to do it yourself. You will need to take off the tonneau cover, sand it down, apply a primer, and then you will be able to paint. 

When all of that is done, you will also want to add a clear coat to the finished product. If you aren’t experienced, you might not be happy with the end result.  

Average Cost To Paint A Tonneau Cover (By Material Type) 


How much does it cost to paint a tonneau cover? Most hard painted tonneau covers should cost $500 or less to complete. The average cost depends on what kind of quality you are expecting. You could probably get a $75 paint job done to the truck bed cover, but it might not last.  


Of all of the options, learning how to paint a fiberglass tonneau cover is probably one of the easiest. For this reason, it will likely cost the least, with prices starting well below $500. The biggest challenge will be finding the right paint to match the tonneau covers for a seamless appearance.  


It isn’t easy to paint a canvas tonneau cover and will require special materials. If you are looking at how much to paint a tonneau cover and yours is canvas, expect to pay a little more, maybe even over $500. Additionally, it likely won’t be as durable as some of the other materials are.  

ABS Polymer

If you are looking at an Undercover painted tonneau cover, you can buy these already done for you. The company provides a vast selection of color options, or you can pay someone a small fee to get the right color match for your truck. Either way, this material handles the paint well and is built to last.  


Adding paint to a vinyl tonneau cover isn’t an easy task, which is why you should expect to pay more. Not only will special paint be required, but it could easily chip and flake because of the flexible fabric design. We recommend having a graphic installed instead or purchasing a pre-colored tonneau cover 

Average Cost To Paint A Tonneau Cover

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do tonneau covers come in all colors? 

You can find a variety of tonneau covers in many colors, even some tonneau covers that are waterproof. Many of them are listed with the manufacturer color that they match for easy selection. By purchasing a colored tonneau cover, you don’t have to worry about painting it later.  

How do you rejuvenate a tonneau cover? 

The first step is to clean the tonneau cover, ensuring all of the dirt and grime is removed. From here, you want to apply a protectant to the finish. Again, make sure you only choose products recommended by the manufacturer.  

What is the best primer to use on fiberglass? 

You could use a high-quality marine primer because many boats are made from the same material as the fiberglass tonneau cover. These primers are meant to be durable and will get the job done.  

What type of paint is used on tonneau covers? 

It depends on the material that the tonneau cover is made from. Automotive paint can vary from those used on plastic and formulations meant for aluminum or fiberglass. Check with the truck bed cover manufacturer to determine which paint is best.  


The cost to paint a tonneau cover isn't that extreme, but you want to do your research before starting. Some tonneau covers won't tolerate the paint well, and you could end up with a job you aren't happy with.