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I grew up around tools. My father was a mechanical engineer who chose to live on a farm. He loved to restore old cars and farm equipment, and always had several projects going in various states of disassembly. He had decided when he first got married that he would try to buy one tool per week, to start stocking his home garage. That collection grew over time, so that when I came along he seemed to have one or two of everything.

international scoutMy first vehicle was a 1967 International Scout. It was already 18 years old by the time I got it, and it was not functioning. The gas tank had fallen off and was sitting in the short bed, and grass was growing up through the floor boards. Someone had rewired it poorly, so that under the hood was a melted mass of green wire. But it had potential, so we towed it home.

I didn’t know the first thing about fixing cars, so my father bought me the Chilton Manual for the Scout, and said to ask him if I had any questions. Well, I had a lot, so he helped walk me through all the phases of getting my baby running and on the road. And one of the things that made it possible was his home workshop – everything I needed for mechanical, electrical, and body work was right at hand.

In addition to an introduction to automotive mechanics, my first vehicle taught me to appreciate having a good set of tools. And ever since I have not shied away from picking up the right tool for the job to expand my own collection. And that is the idea behind MechanicScout.com – helping people find the right tool for their own home shop or garage. I hope you find the content here useful, and share in my love for a good set of tools. And if you have an interesting story, memory, or use for a particular too or piece of equipment, please share it.

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